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POE 3.21 - The Ultimate DPS Berserker Rage Vortex Builds

Are you looking for a powerful and exciting league starter build for the latest Path of Exile expansion, Crucible League? If so, the Rage Vortex Berserker build might just be what you need! This build revolves around the new Rage Vortex skill introduced in the 3.21 expansion. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to start this build, including playstyle, gear, skill tree setup, and more.



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POE 3.21 - The Ultimate DPS Berserker Rage Vortex Builds



The play style of the Rage Vortex Berserker build is centred around fast-paced, aggressive gameplay. With the combination of the Voidforge weapon, the Red Blade Banner, and the Kaom's Spirit gloves, we can generate and sustain rage, which we then use to cast the Rage Vortex skill. 

The skill creates a vortex that deals physical damage to nearby enemies and sucks them in, dealing additional damage over time. This skill can be devastating to mobs, and with the right gear and setup, you can easily clear maps quickly and efficiently.

In addition to the Rage Vortex skill, we also use WarCry to gain additional bonuses. The Berserker ascendancy node War Bringer would give us a 50% more attack damage bonus if a WarCry were used in the last 4 seconds. This makes War Cries an essential part of our gameplay, allowing us to snapshot the effect of Warbringer and get a huge damage bonus with a single WarCry.


Gear Setup

The gear for this build is centred around a few key uniques. The first item we need is the RedBlade Banner, which gives our War Cries infinite power. This is essential for rage generation and sustainability, as it allows us to generate rage reliably in any situation. 

The second item we need is the Kaom's Spirit gloves, which give us a flat bonus to our rage pool. This allows us to have a much larger pool of rage to draw from, which translates to more frequent Rage Vortex casts and higher damage output.

The Voidforge weapon is also a critical piece of gear for this build, as it scales off of flat physical damage. This makes it an excellent choice for the build, as we focus on getting as much flat physical damage as possible in our skill tree setup. 

Other essential POE items include a helmet with the nearby enemies to take increased physical damage mod, as well as boots with the elusive mod to increase our dodge chance.


Skill Tree Setup

The skill tree setup for this build focuses on getting as much flat physical damage as possible, as well as some additional rage generation. We also make use of the Berserker node Warbringer in order to get the 50% more attack damage bonus. 

On top of that, we also get some life leech, life regeneration, and defensive nodes to make sure we stay alive while mapping and taking on bosses.

We start our skill tree by taking the starting area's physical damage nodes and heading towards the Marauder starting area. We grab as many damage and life nodes as possible, as well as the Berserker ascendancy nodes, for more damage and rage generation. 

We then head towards the Duelist starting area and grab additional damage and life nodes, as well as some leech and regeneration nodes. Finally, we head towards the Templar starting area and grab some additional damage and life nodes, as well as some defensive nodes like Divine Flesh and Mind over Matter.



The Rage Vortex Berserker build makes use of two different stances, Blood and Sand. Blood Stance provides you with a huge damage bonus, while Sand Stance provides you with additional adrenaline gain. 

You should alternate between these two stances when mapping and killing bosses to maximize your damage output. With Sand Stance, you can quickly switch back to Blood Stance to get the damage bonus, allowing you to get the most out of both stances.



The Rage Vortex Berserker is a powerful league starter build that can clear maps quickly with massive damage output and is tanky enough to take on bosses. With the right gear and skill tree setup, you can easily take on the toughest content. The use of the Voidforge weapon, Red Blade Banner, and Kaom's Spirit gloves, along with the Warbringer ascendancy node, provides an excellent synergy that maximizes the build's potential. So, give it a try and see what kind of havoc you can wreak with the Rage Vortex Berserker!

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