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POE 3.21 Boneshatter Slayer Powerful and Versatile League Starter Build

The Path of Exile 3.21 Boneshatter Slayer is a powerful and versatile poe build that offers excellent damage, defense, and speed for the Shadow class in Path of Exile. With minimal gear requirements and the right skill gems, you can quickly become a formidable force in the game. However, it's important to note that this build may not be ideal for farming Ubers without good gear.



POE 3.21 Boneshatter Slayer Powerful and Versatile League Starter Build


Pros & Cons

  • + Great damage, defense, and speed
  • + Maximize damage output and survivability
  • + Can be customized to suit personal playstyle and preferences
  • + Keep up-to-date with latest patches and updates
  • + Exalted orbs may be in favor
  • - Meta and game balance may change
  • - Can be difficult to customize correctly
  • - Requires proper gear selection, weapon and armor crafting
  • - Can be time consuming to create the perfect build





For bandits, you can choose to kill all or help Lira, depending on your personal preference and playstyle.


Passive Tree


Mana and Accuracy Management

  • Mana will be a challenge in this build due to the low mana pool of 80. Keep an eye on your mana usage and consider using a losing essence on an astral plate to solve mana problems.
  • Use Precision gem as soon as you obtain it and aim to keep it at level 1.
  • Regularly check your accuracy to ensure it's not too low, as accuracy is crucial for hitting your targets.



  • For Spectral Helix, prioritize obtaining the Cruelty gem. If you don't have two red sockets, you can use Research Project as a substitute.
  • Other important gems to prioritize include Aquamarine, Invictus, Carnage Heart, and Upsurge.


Ascendancy and Pantheons

  • Ascendancy order should be Impact, Heart of the Oak, and Uber Lab.
  • Use Brine King for freeze immunity, stuns, and shield effect for Pantheon.
  • Run Garukhan until you obtain Shock Committee for additional Pantheon bonuses.


Gear and Weapon Crafting

  • Prioritize life and resistances on your gear.
  • Look for weapons with 6 sockets and good base armor and physical damage reduction while leveling.
  • Upgrade your weapons regularly and consider using chaos orbs to enter maps.
  • Use Betrayal Unveils to craft your gear with desirable modifiers, such as Focus and Chaos Hybrid Resistances.


Playing Guides

  • Make use of conditional damage, such as dropping War Banner and using Berserk for extra power during mapping.
  • Swap out War Banner for Voll's Protector during boss fights.
  • Focus on increasing your accuracy with the Master that provides 10% more accuracy.
  • Farm Riker, Hek, and Leo in Syndicate Research to obtain the necessary Unveils for crafting.



When leveling, you will want to use Splitting Steel up until you reach Merveil. At this point, you should swap to Spectral Helix and use it until you reach the Boneshatter swap. Make sure you have one sapphire ring and upgrade your flasks to make Merveil easier.

  • From level 12-41, you should use Spectral Helix. Cruelty should be your 4Link as Helix feels a lot better with good attack speed.
  • At level 41, you will want to switch to Boneshatter after killing Act 5 Kitava. You will need to buy all the gems needed and make sure you keep any pure armor 4links you find.


Weapon Crafting

When crafting a weapon, you will need to use a vendor search to find the right base. The search should include the following Regex: g-g-r|g-r-g|r-g-g|g-g|g-r|r-g|nne^7. This will ensure that you have the best possible base to craft with.

Once you have found the right base, you will need to use either an Essence of Contempt or a Rustic Sash Recipe. The recipe is done by vendoring the weapon, the Rustic Sash, and a Blacksmith's Whetstone. You can also use a magic Rustic Sash if you do not have a bad essence available to get a rare one.

It is important to note that you should only use the recipe from level 12 bases onwards, as it is not worth doing on earlier weapon bases.


Weapon Upgrading

When upgrading your weapons, you will want to prioritize swords until level 23. The weapon bases you should look for are as follows:

  • 1-8 : Corroded Blade 
  • 8-12 : Longsword - Jade Chopper
  • 13-23 : Bastard Sword - Woodsplitter (First bases you want to rustic sash recipe or essence)
  • 23-33 : Double Axe
  • 33-45 : Shadow Axe
  • 45-62 : Headsman Axe OR 49-62 : Labrys This depends on wether your Shadow Axe is good or not, if it's only a Rustic recipe you want to get a Headsman Axe
  • 62+ : Ezomyte Axe

You will want to start looking for these bases one level before you can use them, so make sure you check the vendors one level in advance. You should also try to use rare axes from Shadow axe onwards as you can craft %physical damage.



Accuracy can be an issue, so make sure you buy precision from Nessa in Act 1 as soon as possible. This will help you if your accuracy starts dropping too low. Normal lab should also help with keeping accuracy up and a single piece of gear that rolls an ok accuracy roll should make life a lot easier.



The Boneshatter Slayer build is a powerful and effective choice for the Shadow class in Path of Exile, offering great damage, defense, and speed. With proper gear selection, weapon and armor crafting, and strategic use of abilities, you can maximize your damage output and survivability while playing. We hope this guide has been helpful in creating the perfect Poe build for your character. Good luck and have fun! Happy slaying! Keep in mind that the meta and game balance may change over time, so always stay up-to-date with the latest patches and updates for the best results. Enjoy your journey through Wraeclast! Have fun and enjoy your journey through Wraeclast! May the exalted orbs be ever in your favor! Remember, the key to success in Path of Exile is experimentation and customization, so feel free to tweak the build to suit your playstyle and preferences. 

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