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PoE 3.21 Tornado Shot Raider Beginner Friendly Crit Build

The Raider Tornado Shot build is an excellent choice for beginners who are looking for a fast-paced and beginner-friendly build. It relies on the keystone Point Blank, which means you do more damage to enemies the closer you are to them. The build has two stages - a non-crit version for early leveling and a more expensive crit version for later on when you have more Poe currency. This guide will walk you through each stage of the build and provide tips on gear, skills, and playstyle.



PoE 3.21 Tornado Shot Raider Beginner Friendly Crit Build



The non-crit version of the build relies on two keystones - Point Blank and Precise Technique. Point Blank means the closer you get to enemies, the more damage you do, while Precise Technique gives you a massive 40 more damage if your accuracy is higher than your life. Make sure your auras are active and press C on PC to go to your character screen, select Reign of Arrows and the offense tab and look for the main hand accuracy rating. If this is higher than your life, your buff is active.

To remedy any accuracy issues, you can run a low-level Precision aura and take some accuracy nodes on the tree. You'll also want to upgrade your bow every few levels, and you should look for a bow with two lots of elemental damage on it.


Pros & Cons

  • + Beginner-friendly and easy to play
  • + Fast and can handle content on a budget
  • + Safe to play with good defenses
  • + Detailed guide with written and video content available
  • + Can switch to a more expensive crit version later on for higher damage
  • - Limited to bow and arc-type character playstyle
  • - Not the best option for low investment league starting compared to other builds
  • - Point Blank keystone requires being close to enemies for maximum damage, which can be risky in some situations


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you don't need to do much in the first few tiers and maps, as your campaign gear will get you comfortably through. To push yellow maps, you'll want a five-link chest, a better bow, and quivers. You'll need to buy or farm a handful of Screaming Essences of Wrath and Screaming Essences of Woe. Use your Screaming Essence of Wrath on the Imperial Bow to guarantee big Lightning damage and look for a second damage roll of either Cold or Fire. For the quiver, you'll want to look for a second damage mod that isn't crit, such as projectile speed, any of the flat elemental damages or attack speed, while making sure your resistance is capped.



  • Helm: Devoto's Devotion (unique) - This helmet provides increased attack speed, movement speed, and dexterity, which all help with the Lightning Arrow playstyle.
  • Chest: Queen of the Forest (unique) - This chest provides massive evasion, movement speed, and elemental resistances, making it a great defensive option for this build.
  • Gloves: Rare gloves with high life, attack speed, and resistances.
  • Boots: Three-Step Assault (unique) - These boots provide extra evasion, movement speed, and immunity to elemental ailments, which all help with survivability.
  • Belt: Heavy Belt with high life, strength, and resistances.
  • Amulet: Rare amulet with high life, critical strike chance/multiplier, and resistances.
  • Rings: Two rare rings with high life, critical strike chance/multiplier, and resistances. You can also aim for minus mana cost on these rings to help with the mana cost of your skills.
  • Weapn: Rare bow with high lightning damage, attack speed, and critical strike chance/multiplier.
  • Quiver: Rare quiver with high critical strike multiplier, attack speed, and damage.
  • Flasks: Granite Flask with increased armor, Jade Flask with increased evasion, Quick Silver Flask with movement speed, Sulfur Flask for more damage, and a Divine Life Flask with instant use and corrupted blood immunity.


Bandit: Kill all bandits for 2 skill points



Pantheons are an important part of Path of Exile and are essential for any build. They provide increased damage reduction and movement speed when equipped, plus the chance to avoid projectiles and reduce damage taken. When selecting a Minor Pantheon, it is important to consider the content you are running. For instance, if you are running Eater of Alters, you might want to take something that reduces chaos damage taken.


Amulet Anoints

High Voltage, True Strike, 15 Mole, Eat 45 Crit Chance, Black Oil.ons, we recommend taking Soul of Solaris for increased damage reduction and movement speed, and for the Minor Pantheon, choose a Pantheon that best suits your build and the content you are doing. For Amulet Annoints, we recommend High Voltage for increased crit chance, but also True Strike, Divine Judgment and Black Oil are good, cheap annoints too.



- Level 1-12:

You can start out with the basic passive trees and get familiar with your character. Focus on getting all of the life nodes and the essential damage nodes. For gear, look for items with life and resistance, and you should aim to get a five-link chest as soon as possible.


- Level 13-27:

At this level, you should have the basic passive tree and some good gear. Start linking your gems and begin to level up your Blight setup. Make sure to anoint your gear with the relevant auras and support gems.


- Level 28-50:

This is a good time to start investing in more expensive gear and anoints. Focus on getting your +2 to Level of Socketed Chaos Gems staff and anointing your gear for the highest DPS possible. Make sure to keep your Blight setup up to date and create your ideal six-link.


- Level 51-63:

Continue to build up your gear and focus on getting the defensive nodes on the passive tree. Keep an eye out for the best anoints and gems and make sure to upgrade your staff to a six-link.


- Level 64-79:

At this point, you should have your ideal six-link and a good set of gear. Look for the best anoints and gems and refine your skill tree. You may also want to start investing in some currency to upgrade your gear.


- Level 80+:

By now, you should have a good set of gear and a strong passive tree. Refine your build and continue to look for the best anoints and gems. You may also want to consider upgrading your staff to a mirror-tier staff.

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