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PoE 3.21 Venom Gyre Deadeye League Starter Build

The Venom Gyre POE 3.21 Builds Guide is a comprehensive guide that offers a detailed overview of how to build and play a Venom Gyre Deadeye in Path of Exile 3.21. The guide covers important aspects of the build, including its unique mechanics, end-game scaling potential, and gear requirements strategy.



Venom Gyre is an attack-based skill that deals physical and chaos damage through projectiles. It has a unique mechanic of returning projectiles that can be caught and shot out again for additional damage. The guide emphasizes the end-game scaling potential of the build, which can be enhanced through the addition of the Evolve Item that cancels out one of the nerfs the build indirectly received from the Nightblade Ascendancy.


Pros & Cons

  • + End-game scaling potential and can handle Uber Elder and Maven
  • + Great clear speed and can handle T16 maps with a four-link setup
  • + Can be a great league starter with low investment in gear
  • + Looks aesthetically pleasing with MTX options
  • + Has a unique playstyle with projectile-based attacks and Whirling Blades
  • + Can transition from Poisonous Concoction to Venom Gyre easily
  • + Can be a good alternative for players who used to rely on Lightning Strike before it was nerfed
  • - Can cause lag due to the high number of projectiles
  • - Requires good positioning and awareness due to its close-range playstyle
  • - Can be difficult to master for newer players
  • - Requires specific gear to fully optimize its damage potential
  • - May struggle with single-target damage without the right setup
  • - Can be affected by the occasional nerfs that may come with updates


PoB Link


Ascendancy Points

PoE 3.21 Venom Gyre Deadeye League Starter Build

The most important ascendancy points to take for this build are Tailwind, Ricochet, Endless Munitions, and Focal Point. Tailwind provides a global action speed buff that is beneficial to the Poisonous Concoction skill. Ricochet grants +1 chain, which is useful for clearing maps. Endless Munitions increases your damage output, while Focal Point increases the effect of your marks.


Main Skill

Venom Gyre is the main skill for this build. It works similarly to Spectral Throw, where you throw blades that return to you. Rolling Blades is used to increase damage output and mobility. Use Rolling Blades when your blade count is near 30 to achieve a shotgunning effect on bosses and clear maps faster.



Use Ancestral Protector totem and Berserk when you get 50 Rage (if you're using the Unique Rage variant). This will increase your clear speed, survivability, and damage output.



This build is not as tanky as a Juggernaut Reave build. However, it has good damage output due to its flat elemental damage, elemental damage percent, and attack speed from jewelry, weapons, and jewels. Aim for 100% Critical Strike chance with Nightblade and up to 700% Critical Strike Multiplier.



Use Soul of the Brine King for stun avoidance and Soul of Lunaris for physical damage reduction, reduced elemental damage taken, and 10% chance to avoid projectiles.



Use nodes that reduce physical damage taken so you don't die to chaos damage. You can also use the node that reduces effective shock if you don't have ailment immunity. You can get ailment immunity through boot implicit, shield crafting, or by taking a node on the tree.


Skill Tree


The skill tree is divided into two variants: the no-unique variant and the rare-unique variant. The no-unique variant provides a general guideline of what to aim for, as some of the rare uniques can be expensive. The main difference between the two variants is the accuracy nodes on the no-unique variant.


For the skill tree, start with the claw masteries to get a 40% multiplier for skills supported by Nightblade. Take life nodes, another Claw Mastery, and Spell Suppression clusters to get a 250 aura easily. Take crit nodes, accuracy nodes to get a 100% chance to hit, and more elemental damage nodes. The Crit nodes and Point Blank nodes give you a 30% more damage multiplier.


For the rare-unique variant, take the other accuracy cluster if needed to reach 100% chance to hit. You can also take Strength nodes, if needed. Transition to a cluster setup that is much more powerful. This setup consists of Feed the Fury, Marshall, and extra accuracy nodes and clusters for increased damage. Take Feed the Fury, Marshall of Prowess, and Fuel the Fight for leech, and then use cluster jewels to stack crit multi. Use auras of Wrath and Anger, Precision, and eventually Determination as your defensive auras.


For the skills, we use Whirling Blades and Cast on Flame Wall Tornado for the shotgunning effect. We also use Flame Wall for extra flat damage. We use Berserk, Blood Rage, and Enlighten for buffs, and then Mark on Hit with Sniper's Mark and Enhance for scaling. Our main scaling is Venom Jars, Nightblade, Fork, and Trinity. We can also swap in Elemental Damage with Attacks and Added Cold/Lightning Damage depending on our gear.



  • Immortal Flesh: This unique belt provides a good amount of life and resistances.
  • Spirit Rolls: These rare gloves should have the "Rage on hit" mod to provide you with extra Rage.
  • Vision: This unique helmet provides additional accuracy, which is important for critical strike builds.
  • Claw (flat light damage, attack speed, or crit chance): This weapon is a key component of the build and should have one of the mentioned stats.
  • Shield (life, spell suppress, chance to avoid elemental ailments, physical damage reduction): A good rare shield with these mods is necessary.
  • Chestpiece (life, spell suppress, physical damage reduction, gravitious crap): This rare chestpiece should have the mentioned mods for additional survivability.
  • Boots (life, resist, strength, move speed, brittle ground): A good pair of rare boots with these mods is necessary.



  • Viridian Jewels: These jewels should have "attack speed with claws" and "life" mods.
  • Abyss Duals: These jewels should have "flat damage" and "multi" mods.



  • Life Flask with Corrupted Blood Immunity
  • Diamond Flask
  • Jade Flask
  • Granite Flask
  • Quartz Flask
  • Dying Sun for better clear
  • Explosion Flask for better map clear
  • Bottle Faith for single target (2-3 life flasks to solve recovery issues)



  • Charges when hit
  • Gain charges on critical strike



  • Attack speed percent
  • Reduced effective curse
  • Armor percent
  • Asian percent
  • Critical strike percent


Overall, this build is great for mapping, has low gear level effectiveness, and is one of a kind in Path of Exile. Make sure to watch videos about how to level the character and transition from Poisonous Concoction to Venom Jar for a faster leveling experience. Good luck on your Path of Exile journey!

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