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How to Choose the Best Poe Starter 3.21 Builds from Crucible League?

Welcome to Path of Exile guide on how to choose a powerful league starter for the upcoming 3.21 Crucible league! The league is packed with min-max potential, so I'm here to provide you with some considerations for your league starter, as well as my strategy for generating PoE currency early on.



How to Choose the Best Poe Starter 3.21 Builds from Crucible League?


League Starter Considerations

  • The upcoming league has the potential for min-maxing with crucible passive trees and crafting.
  • Spicy Sushi is excited to try out Pathfinder because of its ascendancy being overpowered last league and its ability to stack flask effect and duration.
  • Impending doom pathfinder is a great build for tanking and clearing in Crimson Temple.
  • It is expensive and uses a lot of unique items, so a solid league starter is recommended to farm currency before switching to it.


Ignite witch archetype

There are several builds to consider for 3.21. The Ignite witch archetype is a solid option for any content. You can choose from ignite vortex, Ballista, Firetrap Frostblink, and EK Ignite. All four of these builds require a source of fire exposure, usually from an Eldritch implicit on your glove, before you can drop Wave of Conviction. However, Wave of Conviction is so strong that you won't feel like you're playing a lesser build until then.


Ice Trap

If you don't enjoy totem playstyles, consider Ice Trap, which has been an extremely solid bossing build for multiple leagues. If you're looking for a well-rounded build, ignite Vortex is an amazing option that you can invest in throughout the entire league. Firetrap Frostblink is a unique and effective way to play if you want to think outside of the box. Ethereal Knives Ignite is a great option if you want to juice maps and have an AoE screen-wide clear.


Poison Concoction

Poison or Chaos Witch starters are also viable options if you're confident in Poison Concoction. If you want to enjoy Cold Dot abilities and self-casting curses, Cold Dot Witch is a strong build for Uber Bosses.


Cheap Budget

let's talk about choosing a build that can be strong on a shoestring budget and have great defense from the passive tree. down to Champion and Pathfinder, and Corrupting Fever on Champion and Toxic Rain on Pathfinder are the two builds that can do solid DPS with very little investment. For Corrupting Fever, Root2's build sheet is a great resource, and for Toxic Rain, Palestron's build is a solid option.


In summary, this league is packed with powerful builds and min-max potential. Hopefully, this guide will help you choose the right league starter and get off to a great start in 3.21. Good luck, and have fun!

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