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POE 3.21 Crucible: CoC Ice Spear & Cyclone Inquisitor build

The CoC Ice Spear Inquisitor Build is a cyclone based build that is capable of taking on high-level content in Path of Exile 3.21 Crucible. It utilizes the Cast on Critical (COC) mechanic to cast Ice Spear multiple times per second. This guide will cover the skills, passive trees, and equipment needed to build this powerful character.



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POE 3.21 Crucible: CoC Ice Spear & Cyclone Inquisitor build


Build Machine

CoC Ice Spear & Cyclone Inquisitor build a powerful and effective build that is capable of taking on high-level content. It is a cyclone-based build that relies on the Cast On Crit (COC) mechanic to cast Ice Spear multiple times per second. The build is centered around the Crown of the Invert, Skin of the Lords, Astromantic, and Anguish Aurora, all of which provide a large amount of defensive and offensive bonuses. 

Additionally, it utilizes the Vivint Sect ring, which is obtainable from Jun Master missions, and requires a Discipline gem to be socketed. The weapon of choice is a Cospris with harvest enchant, 11% increased attack speed, and 30% quality, which is essential for allowing the COC to trigger at the maximum rate. 

The jewels used in the skill tree have attack speed to increase further the rate at which Ice Spear is cast. Lastly, the boots should have a 15% cooldown recovery rate to achieve the 0.99 cooldowns for COC, as this is the most optimal rate for maximum DPS. With all of these pieces of gear and skill tree nodes, the CoC Ice Spear Inquisitor build a strong, reliable build that is capable of taking on high-level content.


Gems Skill 

The goal of this build is to maximize Damage and survivability for a softcore character, so you should focus on getting as much quality and pierce as possible for the sockets. Start by getting an anomalous ice sphere, which gives 1% quality and an extra pierce. For the other sockets, you should get ashes of stars for extra pierce and instruments for movement speed. It would help if you also got a cyclone wall for extra defense, and a vacant element of focus for extra Damage. An anomalous Greater Multiple Projectiles (GMP) is also a great choice, as it gives you reduced mana cost.

For your rings, you should get a Vivian Stack, which gives you -2% total mana cost per corrupted item equipped. This is important to keep your mana cost low and to gain Inspiration Charges, which give you 6% increased Elemental Damage, and 9% increased Critical Strike Chance.

Your gem setup should include Precision, Determination, Hatred, Enlighten and Precision. This will give you increased Critical Chance and Accuracy, and Hatred will give you cold Damage. You should also include Mark on Hit, Assassin's Mark and Arcane Surge for extra Damage and mana regeneration.

Finally, it would help if you had a Shield Charge with Faster Attacks, Tempest Shield and Flame Dash. Shield Charge is useful for moving around in sanctums, while Tempest Shield and Flame Dash provide extra defense and mobility.


Passive Tree 

The passive tree for this build is fairly straightforward. We'll be focusing on damage increase, dual sockets for power charge, armour and energy shield nodes, critical support gems, shield nodes, and cluster jewels

Passive Tree

Starting at the top of the tree, we'll be taking the two points for the 4% increased cast speed, which is a damage increase. We'll then take the dual-socket node, followed by the shield nodes, Glancing Blows, Power Charge, and Dual Sockets. After that, we'll take the aura nodes and crit nodes. 

Next, we'll take the 8 passive cluster jewels with code to the core, prismatic heart and widespread destruction. We'll also take a medium cluster jewel with an eye-to-eye and repeater for increased projectile damage and attack cast speed. Finally, we'll take two small cluster jewels with manner reservation efficiency, and I will try to get as much energy shield and strength as possible. 

We'll then take spiteful presence for Hatred, mana reservation, self-control for discipline, mana reservation, and reservation efficiency. We'll then take another energy shield node with a tantra shot based on energy shield instead of life. We can also take 3% of the maximum converted to energy shield, which is around 150. 

After that, we'll take the power charge nodes, dual sockets for militant faith, and inner conviction. Finally, we'll take some intense stats nodes, another crit wheel with crit multi against unique enemies, strength because of Iron Will and the creatures we get from being an inquisitor, and two small cluster jewels with quarter corporate and many cards bite for destruction. 

We'll then take an 8-socket eye-to-eye repeater dual-socket and a watcher's eye with an energy shield on hit and cold Damage while affected by Hatred. This watcher's eye should be around 12-20 divines. Finally, we'll take chaos images for the energy shield, aura nodes for the aura effect, and power charge from the cluster jewel sockets. 



For jewels, we'll be looking for crit multi and attack speed. For pantheons, we'll be taking Solo Branching for freeze immunity and Soul of Everett for burning ground immunity. 

For flasks, we'll be using a Dying Sun for increased effect for three extra projectiles, a Bottled Faith for the increased duration for 100% increased and 9% increased Damage is taken, and a Surgeon's Quicksilver Flask for increased attack speed and reduced mana cost per 10 devotion on the militant faith. We'll also use an anti-bleed Quicksilver Flask.


Map Showcase 

The map showcase is a great way to make money in Path of Exile. You can make money by farming shaper maps by buying them from a trusted seller, such as DFT, and running them. Killing the guardian with Maven and Witness, and then doing the invitations and then doing shaper to get the fragments. You can also make money by farming conqueror maps. When running maps, you should watch out for hits against monsters that cannot be critical strikes, as this will disable your build. You should also avoid cold immunity as this can be dangerous. It would help if you also double-checked for any bad mods.

When running maps, you should activate your flasks and make sure you do not die during the showcase. Logbooks are great to find when running maps, as you can sell them on the trade website for 30 chaos each or for 40 chaos each if you go into tft. Finally, you can get lucky with a synthesis map, which has a 1.5 chance of dropping.


Maven's Invitation

Maven's Invitation is a great way to farm poe currency in Path of Exile quickly. It involves forming a party with five players, and each player brings their own Fragment of the Maven's Invitation. This map will then be affected by the Maven's Influence, granting the group additional rewards when monsters are killed. 

Mavens Invitation

First, the group must enter a map with the Maven's Invitation in their inventory. When the map is entered, each player must place their Fragment in the Map Device. This will cause the map to be affected by the Maven's Influence, granting additional rewards when monsters are killed. 

Once all five Fragments have been placed, the Maven's Influence will be triggered, and a unique effect will be applied to the map. The effect will vary depending on the number of Fragments used and can range from granting bonuses to experience and drop rates to granting additional rewards when monsters are killed. 

To maximize rewards, it is recommended that players use a high-level map with a large number of monsters. This will increase the chances of getting higher rewards from the Maven's Influence. Additionally, it is recommended that players use auras, flasks, and other equipment to boost their Damage, as this will allow them to kill monsters and maximize their rewards quickly.

Finally, it is important to remember that the Maven's Invitation is a limited-time effect and will only last for a certain period of time. Therefore, it is important to make the most of the Maven's Influence while it is active.



This guide is for anyone looking to complete one floor of Sanctum, a dungeon-like game. It covers the basics of how to clear the floor, such as freezing enemies with the Frost Nova relic, taking fountains and inspiration to gain resolve, and dodging afflictions. The guide also covers rewards, such as the Minimax Resolve Chest, Double Packs, and Merchants, as well as tips on how to avoid bad afflictions and monster action speed. Finally, it covers the end boss and how to prepare for it.

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