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PoE 3.21 Righteous Fire Juggernaut League Starter Build

Are you looking for Poe 3.21 Builds that can easily take down bosses and smoothly glide through maps? Look no further than the Righteous Fire Juggernaut build. With this build, you can expect over 80,000 armor with endurance charges, high maximum resistances, and 20-30% maximum life regeneration per second, making you an incredibly tanky character against physical damage.



PoE 3.21 Righteous Fire Juggernaut League Starter Build


While the build's damage output is not as high as other builds, it makes up for its versatility and tankiness. Plus, it is a great build to play with one button, making it accessible to players with any disability related to their hands or the number of controls they can use.


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Pros & Cons

  • + Extremely tanky to physical damage with over 80,000 armor and endurance charges on the Juggernaut.
  • + Very high maximum res (80%+), which can be further increased in trade league.
  • + Very high life regen (around 20-30% of your life maximum life per second).
  • + Smooth playstyle of just gliding through your maps.
  • + Good for most league mechanics in Path of Exile.
  • - Damage is limited compared to other builds, as the character is well-rounded.
  • - Colors can be annoying in the early game, as we prioritize armor on a Juggernaut but need a lot of blue sockets.


Leveling Guides

During the leveling stages of this character, we're going to be using a combination of skills. Primarily, we're going to be dropping a Flame Wall and shooting our Rolling Magma into it. Another thing we'll be using is Holy Flame Totem. Later on, around Act 2, you can start running your righteous fire. This is due to the new fire mastery changes. After you have your new righteous fire set up, you can switch at level 28 to Armageddon Brand, which has less damage but a better clear.


After the campaign, you're going to jump into maps. Here's an example of what clearing should be like in the very early stages when you still have only four links. Primarily, we're going to be clearing with our righteous fire. We're going to be using Fire Trap for extra single target, but most of the time we're going to be using our Flammability, alongside with our Infernal Cry. Simply shield charge through or pick the mobility skill that you prefer when you actually encounter a pack. That's a bit more tanky like a magic pack or a rare monster. That's when you're going to use your other skills.


Minion Damage

One of the most important things for this build is to use Minion Damage. The node Increases and reductions to minion damage also affect you turns the minion steel 75 increase damage into increased damage, which becomes a global increase damage for your character, which in turn affects our righteous fire. This increases your damage output significantly.



The most important stat for this build is fire damage over time multiplier. You should prioritize getting gear that has this stat, as it greatly increases your damage output. Make sure you check out all the item sets like early on there's examples, but also pay attention to the red, green and yellow text that has loads of extra information for new players, if you're, not 100% sure what you're doing.



The Lord of Righteous Fire Juggernaut build is an amazing build for boss killing, Farming Currency and mapping. It is also a great build for players who may have disabilities related to their hands or how many controls they can use. 

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