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PoE 3.21 Tank Lightning Arrow Champion Build

This is a guide for lightning arrow champion builds in Path of Exile, a collab between Hey Scissoring and Garatha. The build uses weapon swapping adrenaline as a champion, and you can also play a deadeye version. Starting with a bow skill can be difficult for new players, and attack-based skills are harder to scale than spell-based skills. So, keep this in mind. The lightning arrow champion build will be effective for doing mechanics like Expedition Breach, Abyss, and new Breach and Abyss.

PoE 3.21 Tank Lightning Arrow Champion Build


Pros & Cons

  • + Lightning Arrow Champion can be a strong build for Path of Exile players.
  • + The build can be effective in handling difficult mechanics in the game, such as expedition breaches and abysses.
  • + The use of weapon swapping with adrenaline as a champion can provide a significant damage boost.
  • + The recommended use of corrupting fever, life tap, and second wind can also increase damage output.
  • + The build can use unique items that look promising for the upcoming Crucible League.
  • + The build can eventually incorporate the upcoming without lightning arrow skill, which is expected to be powerful.
  • + The collaboration with another player, Garatha, can provide valuable insights and perspectives on the build.
  • - The Lightning Arrow Champion build may be difficult for new players to scale, as attack-based skills can be challenging to work with compared to spell-based skills.
  • - The weapon swapping technique can be a bit annoying and requires some attention to detail.
  • - The Dead Eye version of the build can be squishier and require careful management of corrupting fever.
  • - The leveling process for the build may involve some frustration due to the need to keep corrupting fever below 50.


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Weapon swapping adrenaline with corrupting fever, life tap, and second wind in the offhand is essential for this build. You want to do this before putting your totem down on single target. You can also play a dead eye version, but it will be squishier than the champion.



To maximize damage, you should use artillery ballistas, sniper's mark curse, and spam right-click. You can also swap in barrage on single target over multi-prize or mirage archer. You should also get without lighting area as soon as possible in the next patch as it is expected to be insane.


Skill Tree

The tree for dead eye and champion versions would be the same. Path of Building is a third-party program that can help you with your build. It is a non-crit build and has loads of end game gear options like shroud of the light list, bubonic trail, voice of the storm, and perseverance.



  • Start with Galvanic Arrow or Caustic Arrow with Pierce and Momentum or Prismatic Burst. This will carry you until level 12 when you can use Lightning Arrow.
  • Sniper's Mark will be available at level 4 next patch, so make sure to grab it for bosses.
  • Once you hit level 12, switch to Lightning Arrow with LMP and Mirage Archer (in that order). Later on, consider using WED/Pierce or Lightning Penetration for added damage.
  • To help with early single target damage, use Shrapnel Totem as soon as possible. Later on, you can replace this with Artillery or a Ballista Totem, such as Storm Rain or Galvanic.
  • Don't forget to pick up other useful skills and support gems along the way, such as Herald of Thunder, Herald of Ice, and Added Lightning Damage.
  • As you progress through the game, keep an eye out for gear upgrades that can boost your damage and survivability. Focus on increasing your elemental damage, life, and resistances.
  • Make use of the passive skill tree to optimize your build for maximum damage and survivability. Look for nodes that boost bow damage, elemental damage, life, and evasion.

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