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Diablo 4 Classes Tier List for PvP

When choosing a Diablo 4 class for PvP, there are certain criteria that should be taken into consideration. These criteria include: easy to learn and/or surefire hit attacks, burst potential, mobility, crowd control, unstoppable abilities, status effects, and group utility. 

Diablo 4 Classes Tier List for PvP


Sorcerer - Tier S

The Sorcerer is one of the most powerful classes in Diablo 4 and is very versatile in both solo and group play. They have easy-to-hit attacks such as Hydra, Chain Lightning, and Frozen Orb, and have low-cooldown teleports and Frost Novas that can be used to break CC and apply Vulnerably. They also have defensive abilities such as Ice Armor, Deep Freeze, and Ice Barrier Enchantment.


Rogue - Tier A

The Rogue is rated at A-Tier for both solo and group play. They have high mobility skills such as Dash and Shadow Step, which can be used to ambush enemies. They also have the Shadow Clone ultimate ability, which can clone all their abilities at reduced effectiveness, and Concealment, which allows them to vanish from sight. Finally, they have high damage and burst damage potential, and are very versatile in terms of being able to spec for ranged or melee.


Barbarian - Tier B

The Barbarian is rated at B-Tier for both solo and group play. Many of their abilities are slow-casting and hard to land, such as Charge, Leap, Kick, and Ground Stomp. However, they have lots of ways to become unstoppable and break CC, and their high scaling potential makes them a strong contender for endgame PvP.


Druid - Tier B

The druid is a versatile class in Diablo 4, capable of playing both solo and in groups. It has several powerful abilities that can immobilize and stun enemies, as well as a passive that gives its storm spells a chance to immobilize targets. Its vine creeper is a reliable AOE immobilizer, and Petrify offers an AOE stun. These spells will work great for group play, especially the Fields of Hatred playstyle, which involves contesting specific areas. The druid's primary stat is Willpower, which increases skill damage and overpowers damage, making it a great class to build tanky and still deal tons of damage. 


Necromancer- Tier B

The Necromancer is a powerful class in Diablo 4, but its strengths in PVE don't translate as well to PVP. Its minions are unlikely to have a large impact in PVP, and it has difficulty generating corpses if there are no monsters around. Its lack of mobility is problematic, and its abilities often require melee range. However, it is possible to build and synergize Tankiness and healing with its blood spells and shield. With the right build and strategy, the Necromancer can excel at holding down a specific point in group play.

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