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POE 3.21 Builds Most Effective Eye of Winter Inquisitor Budget Guide

In POE 3.21, Are you tired of struggling to farm Uber Pinnacle Boss and looking for a build that can maximize your damage output and increase your profit per kill? Look no further! This build is the Eye of Winter Inquisitor, which relies on the Eye of Winter skill to deal massive damage. This guide will discuss the different components of an effective Eye of Winter Inquisitor build, including recommended gear and keystones.



POE 3.21 Builds Most Effective Eye of Winter Inquisitor Budget Guide


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Build Core

The core of this build is the Eye of Winter Inquisitor Miner. This build utilizes a combination of items and passive tree selections to maximize damage output. The Taming, The Stormheart, and The Overflowing Chalice are just a few examples of the Path of Exile items used in this build to boost damage. On the passive tree, a mix of damage and energy shield nodes are taken to enhance damage output further.

The first thing to note about this build is that it is capable of defeating the Uber Maven. It's important to pay attention to the number of memory games that the Maven does, as well as the number of times that the actual brain shows up in the fight. 


Annihilating Light & Heatshiver

One of the keys to this build's success is the Annihilating Light wand. It is considered to be the best DPS weapon in the game, better than even two mirror-tier weapons.

The Heatshiver helmet is another important component of the build, as it effectively doubles the damage output. This is because of the 100 cold damage extra fire against frozen enemies.

The Eye of Winter Inquisitor hits incredibly hard and can even freeze the Uber bosses. While they are immune to being completely slowed or frozen, they still count as frozen, so this damage still applies.


Skin of the Loyal & Lords

In terms of keystones, Mind over Matter is recommended, as it saves you one point. Eldritch Battery is also a good choice, as it saves you two points. If you're looking for more damage, Iron Will is an option, but it only provides about 4% more damage.

For the chest, the Skin of the Loyal is a good choice, but the Skin of the Lords can be even better. If you can get a double corruption of Sock at a Gem and Projectile Gem, it will be an incredibly powerful chest piece.


Boots & Gloves

Boots and gloves are straightforward in this build. They should provide life, resistance, and attributes as needed. The elder's implicit Pierce is going to be really nice for mapping. It's going to be necessary, and then under for 10 more damage. If you can get it, get some which have temple damage against shield enemies, as it provides about 5% more damage.

If you can't get it or it's too expensive, then focus on life, resistance, and movement speed. Action speed is also nice if you can get it on the implicit.


Slow Down Projectiles

The amulet is a key component of the build, and it's important to get a reduced throw speed amulet with the adjacent animosity on the anoints. There's a bit of a misconception going around that the Eye of Winter Inquisitor can hit targets many times, like the Spectral Helix, but there is a hard cap of about four hits per Eye of Winter.

Slowing the projectile down is important because it allows for an overflow of damage within a single frame or a single server tick. This can effectively bug out the system and allow you to skip phases in boss fights.


POE Eye of Winter Inquisitor Gear


Rings & Coward's Legacy

We recommend using an Elder ring and then Coward's Legacy, which allows you to go low life without reserving a large portion of your life. This will give you an additional 30% damage. As you can see, this build is sitting at 545% increased damage and 612% more multiplier.


Flasks & Crit Capping

This is where we get a lot of our crit. So if you turn off the Diamond Flask and the Bottle Faith, you can see we're sitting at 74% crit chance. With our flasks, we're seeing 96%. It's important that we use our flasks, and we want big damage. A lot of our crit also comes from the base crit on the Hatred Watcher's Eye, just a single stat, nothing else, and then the rest is just going to be clustered for the most part.


Clusters & RMR

Speaking of clusters, they are a crucial part of this build. This tree is level 97. If you're not level 97, you could basically cut out one of these medium clusters and add in a regular jewel. This will bring you to 91%, which is very reasonable in terms of levels. 

You probably need to get the sturdy dex node unless you get a bunch of dex on your clusters, which is possible, given how many we have. We have two larges, but the medium cluster is very important for Arcane Pyrotechnics for Arcane Surge, which gives you 10% more damage, and then Guerrilla Tactics.


ES is Required

The ES (Energy Shield) is also crucial. That's why we're getting the melding wheel as well as the mastery here for the 3% mana as extra ES. If you might be wondering why, it's because we need enough energy shield to be able to use our Zealotry Divine Blessing, and the only way to do this is to get around 500 ES, which we won't really be able to do with a Heat Shiver. It's very easy to do with a Verity's Veil.


Mapping Setup

To set up your Eye of Winter Inquisitor builds for mapping, you should start by using a Verity's Veil with a magic ring to fix your resistances through all of your jewels. This will eliminate the downsides of Coward's Legacy and make you immune to curses. It would help if you also changed out your amulet for a regular one, as you don't want any reduced stats for mapping.

For mapping, you'll want to change your slower projectile gem for trap and mine damage or some other support. This is because a slower projectile for mapping will feel really bad. You will not have any real defenses, but freezing everything will make the build not feel squishy. This building is very good for invitation farming.


POE Eye of Winter Inquisitor Builds Passive Tree


Gem Setup

There are different gem setups that you could use for the Eye of Winter Inquisitor build. For mapping, we recommend having one green or two greens for Swift Assembly, which is interchangeable with slower projectile or trap and mine damage depending on whether you want to boss or map. You can also interchange Charged Mines and Crit Damage for bossing, and Charged Mines for mapping, which will give you frenzy charges, throw speed, and crit cap without flasks.

For bossing, you can keep two greens and then go with a single blue or third blue for increased crit damage. However, for mapping, it's better to have one green or two greens for Swift Assembly, which is interchangeable with slower projectile or trap and mine damage.


Skill Gems

The skill gems for the Eye of Winter Inquisitor build include Divine Blessing, Righteous Fire, Vitality, Arrogance, Sniper's Mark, Flame Wall, and Arcanist Brand. It's important to note that debuffs are not applied to bosses, as they die too quickly. Therefore, you should focus on having enough damage and crit without debuffs.

For auras, we recommend using Hatred, Watcher's Eye, Purity of Elements, and Skitterbots. Purity of Elements is mandatory to run Righteous Fire, while Skitterbots provides the best actual aura in terms of DPS.



The Eye of Winter Inquisitor builds a popular and powerful build in the game. By following the mapping setup and gem setup outlined in this guide, you can optimize your build for mapping and bossing. Remember to experiment with different gem setups to find what works best for you, and remember to thank your supporters for helping you on your journey!

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