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POE 3.21 Quickly and Efficiently clear Bows Builds Guides

Leveling with a Bow in Path of Exile is a surprisingly rewarding experience. With the right setup, you can quickly and efficiently clear through content with a bow character. This guide will cover what you need to know to get started. Bows offer high single-target damage and great AoE coverage and are generally gear-independent. That means that you can generally get away with using a single bow and quiver, with no need for additional gear swaps. 

POE 3.21 Quickly and Efficiently clear Bows Builds Guides


Choose the right skills

Lightning Arrow and Rain of Arrows are the two main bow skills that you should focus on while leveling. Lightning Arrow is great for single-target damage and has a wide area of effect, making it ideal for clearing, while Rain of Arrows is perfect for clearing packs of monsters.


Consider using additional skills

Shrapnel Ballista and Artillery Ballista can be useful for clearing packs of monsters and dealing massive single-target damage, respectively. Additionally, gems like Vile Toxins and Mana Forged Arrows can also boost your damage.


Get the right gear

Look for items with added lightning and fire damage, attack speed, and life. A bow with 1.4 attacks per second or higher is recommended. Items with extra projectiles can also increase your damage output. Master Fletcher's is a great unique item to boost your damage.


Use Totem Mastery

This skill has a 25% chance to invert enemy monster resistance values, which can significantly increase damage taken from bosses and monsters. This is especially helpful for bow builds that rely on precision.


Try the Point Blank Keystone

This Keystone can boost your damage output by up to 50% if you're attacking enemies within 10 units.


Use the Mana Forged Arrow Support

This support gem will automatically fire two arrows - Frenzy arrow and one Ensnaring arrow - when the linked skill spends 300 mana. This can make it easy to maintain Frenzy's charges and ensure that monsters are always ensnared.


Boost your survivability

Consider using Herald of Agony and Dash to add an extra layer of survivability to Poe build. Dash can help you quickly close the gap and avoid dangerous situations, while Herald of Agony provides a large damage increase and can be used in tandem with Herald of Purity for extra defense.


Overall, bow builds in Path of Exile have never been more powerful. With the addition of Totem Mastery, Mana Forged Arrow Support, and other keystones and items, bow builds can quickly clear packs of monsters and take down bosses with ease. With the right setup, you should have no trouble leveling with a bow in Path of Exile. Just make sure to focus on getting gear with added damage and attack speed, and use the right gems and skills for the best results. Good luck, and have fun!

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