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9 Tips and Tricks To Improve Quality of Life in FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) is an immersive, massively multiplayer online role-playing game! However, with so many features and mechanics, it can be not easy to keep track of everything. In this guide, we'll cover some of the best quality of life tips and tricks that you may have missed, which will help make your gameplay smoother and more enjoyable.


9 Tips and Tricks To Improve Quality of Life in FFXIV


Targeting Enemies

Targeting enemies can be challenging in FFXIV, especially during battles. The game offers two options for targeting enemies: Tap targeting & Mouse cycling. However, these options can be time-consuming and frustrating. Fortunately, you can enable Auto Target in the Character Configuration Control Settings. Once enabled, Auto Target will automatically target an enemy when you are attacking it, ensuring that you won't lose any DPS due to incorrect targeting.


Teleporting While in Combat

Teleporting during battles is an essential feature, but it can be frustrating when the game prevents you from doing so. However, there is an easy fix for this. Target the enemy and right-click on its HP bar. You will see an option to reset the target dummy, which will allow you to teleport.


Focus Target Feature

The Focus Target feature is incredibly useful, especially when healing. You can set a key bind to focus on a target, which can be a party member, NPC, or enemy. This feature is particularly useful when learning extreme or savage content, as it enables you to keep an eye on your party members' health and take quick action if needed.


System Sounds

The constant sound notifications can be distracting and annoying, especially when you're streaming the game. You can turn off the system sounds with just two simple commands: /echo off & /system sounds off. This will keep your gaming experience clutter-free and less distracting for your viewers.


Glamour Linking

Glamour Linking is a fantastic way to make your character look unique. You can link a glamour plate to a gear set so that it automatically changes when you switch jobs. This feature ensures that you won't have to worry about broken glamour plates ever again.


Grand Company Tournaments

If you're a lazy crafter, the Grand Company are the perfect way to level up your crafters quickly and easily. Just talk to your Grand Company officer and undertake supply provision missions. You can even buy the required ffxiv items from the marketplace if you need more time. You can check the required items for the next mission allowance by left-clicking on the Timers tab.


Returning Quest Items

Returning quest items can be time-consuming, but there is a simple way to speed things up. Right-click on the item to quickly choose it, eliminating the need for dragging.


Chat Comments

FFXIV offers a wide range of chat commands, including the ability to roll dice in chat. Type /random 20 in the chat box to roll a 20-sided dice, and change the number to roll a different number of sides. You can even create a dice button for your Hotbar by using user macros. Additionally, you can use the /echo command to send messages that only you can see. This is particularly useful for taking notes or linking items that you need to buy or craft.


Keeping Up With Chat

In crowded areas, it can be challenging to keep up with the chat. To make things easier, assign a friend group to your friends by right-clicking on their names in the Friends List. This will make it easier to see their messages in the chat.



From targeting enemies and teleporting during battles to utilizing the Focus Target feature and turning off system sounds, players can streamline their gameplay experience and focus on enjoying the immersive world of FFXIV.  Glamour Linking, Grand Company Tournaments, and returning quest items also offer convenient ways to level up and progress in the game. Lastly, the ability to use chat comments and keep up with chat in crowded areas can enhance communication and socialization with other players. 

By incorporating these tips and tricks, players can enhance their FFXIV experience and enjoy the game to the fullest.

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