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Guide to Atlas Farming Poe Currency Crucible Strategy

Are you looking to step up your farming Poe Currency in Path of Exile Crucible? If so, then you've come to the right place! This guide will walk you through an effective atlas farming strategy that utilizes delirium, searing, exarch, and cemetery maps to maximize your income.

Guide to Atlas Farming Poe Currency Crucible Strategy


It's important to make sure that the farming strategy you choose is enjoyable and that your build is effective at farming. Don't worry too much about comparing it to other strategies, just find something that you enjoy and make sure it can make some currency.


The Strategy

This strategy focuses on a combination of delirium, searing, exarch and cemetery maps. The main goal is to find the newly introduced Brothers Gift divination card which gives you 5 divines when found.


- Run delirium maps

Delirium maps offer three sources of income: the classic currency from the map, simulacrums from the splinters, and delirium orbs which can be sold in bulk. Delirium maps are known for their challenging and rewarding content, with increased monster density, powerful modifiers, and additional loot drops from the Delirium fog.


- Run searing, exarch maps

These maps offer a variety of rewards including valuable Poe currency items such as chaos orbs, sextants, and chisels. Additionally, you can earn invitations from these maps, which can be sold for half a divine or 0.4 chaos each. Searing and exarch maps are known for their lucrative rewards and unique modifiers that can increase the difficulty and the potential rewards of the maps.


- Run shrine maps

Shrines can be a great way to increase your DPS (damage per second), especially if your build isn't the strongest. Double shrine effects, speed shrines, and immunity shrines can be incredibly helpful in boosting your character's power temporarily, making clearing maps faster and more efficient.


- Run cemetery maps

These maps are great because they offer the chance to find the Brothers Gift divination card. This card, when turned in, grants you 5 divine orbs, which can be a significant source of currency in Path of Exile.


- For PoE 3.21 Bulds

The build used in this strategy is the Spectral Shield Throw build. This build has been buffed recently, making it a very effective farming build. It's also incredibly fun to play, as it utilizes bouncing shields and hundreds of projectiles to clear enemies quickly. The Spectre Shield Throw build typically uses a Kite Shield as the main weapon, and the current recommended shield is the Hele Kite Shield.


To make this build even more effective, you can upgrade your shield. The Emperor's Vigilance shield is a powerful upgrade, as it increases damage and has a higher energy shield, providing additional survivability and damage output. Investing in a high-quality shield can significantly boost your farming efficiency.


To sustain your maps, you can use a combination of chiseling, shaping, and singular focus. Chiseling maps increases their quality, which in turn increases the quantity of items dropped by monsters, increasing your overall loot. Shaping maps allows you to select specific maps to run, optimizing your farming route and focusing on high-value maps. Singular focus, a passive skill on the Atlas tree, allows you to improve the drops of your preferred map tier, increasing your chances of getting valuable items from your chosen maps. Additionally, using sextants, guardian maps, and conqueror maps can further increase your income by adding additional modifiers to your maps or unlocking additional rewards.




Atlas farming can be a great way to make currency in Path of Exile. By utilizing delirium, searing, exarch, and cemetery maps, you can maximize your income and have a lot of fun while doing it. Make sure to use the Spectre Shield Throw build to get the most out of your farming strategy, and don't forget to upgrade your shield for even better results. Good luck and happy hunting!

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