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How to master ranged DPS in FFXIV?

If you are a fan of ranged combat in MMOs, Final Fantasy XIV has several options for you to choose from. Ranged DPS, or Physical Ranged DPS as it's officially known, is a job that requires mobility and precision. In this guide, we will discuss what Ranged DPS does in a party, what you need to do to maximize your damage output, and some tips to make your job easier.


How to master ranged DPS in FFXIV?


The Role of Ranged DPS in a Party

In any party, the role of the Ranged DPS is to deal damage from a distance. Unlike melee DPS or tanks, Ranged DPS jobs don't have to worry about being in the boss's face all the time. This gives them more freedom to move around the battlefield and avoid mechanics that could damage them or knock them out. The main advantage of Ranged DPS jobs is their mobility and flexibility, which means they can adapt quickly to changing circumstances.

FFXIV Ranged DPS Role

The Ranged DPS jobs in FFXIV are the Bard, the Machinist, and the Dancer. Each of these jobs has its unique FFXIV playstyle and abilities that allow them to deal damage while staying at a safe distance from the boss. For example, the Bard can use a bow and arrow to shoot at the enemy while also playing songs that buff their allies. The Machinist uses a gun and gadgets to deal damage and support their allies, while the Dancer uses elegant dance moves to attack enemies and heal allies.


Maximizing Your Damage Output

As a Ranged DPS, your job is to deal as much damage as possible while avoiding mechanics and staying alive. To maximize your damage output, you need to keep your uptime, which means you need to stay in the range of the boss and keep attacking it as much as possible. This is especially important during phases where the boss is vulnerable or has low health. If you're not attacking the boss, you're not doing your job.

FFXIV Skill Combo

Another important factor in maximizing your damage output is using your abilities correctly. Each Ranged DPS job has a unique set of abilities that you need to use in the right order to deal maximum damage. For example, the Bard has a series of songs that they can play to buff themselves and their allies, while the Machinist can use gadgets to deal extra damage and debuff the enemy. Understanding when to use these abilities is crucial for dealing maximum damage.


Tips for Playing Ranged DPS

Playing Ranged DPS can be challenging, but there are some tips that can make your job easier. Here are a few:

  • Stay out of the fire: Ranged DPS jobs are mobile, but you still need to be aware of mechanics that can damage you. Stay out of any areas on the ground that is on fire or have any other harmful effect.
  • Keep moving: Ranged DPS jobs require you to move around the battlefield constantly to stay out of danger and keep attacking the boss. Practice moving and attacking at the same time to maximize your uptime.
  • Use your Limit Break: Ranged DPS jobs have a unique Limit Break that can hit multiple targets in a line. This is especially useful during phases where the boss has ads or multiple targets that need to be damaged.
  • Learn the fight: Knowing the boss's mechanics and attack patterns can help you avoid damage and stay alive. Practice the fight until you know it, like the back of your hand.
  • Communicate with your team: Communication is key in any party. Let your teammates know if you're having trouble or if you need help with something. A well-coordinated party is more likely to succeed.



Playing as a Ranged DPS in FFXIV may seem like a breeze at first, but as with any job in the game, there are stonks and stinks that come with it. The range tax may make your damage output slightly lower than other roles, but it's still an essential and valuable role to have in any party.

The key is to stay out of the boss's AoEs, keep your uptime going, and make the most of your mobility. With the right skills and strategies, you can contribute greatly to the success of your party and have a lot of fun in the process. So, grab your bow or gun, put on your heels, and get ready to show off your ranged DPS skills in Final Fantasy XIV!

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