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Path of Exile Rog Upgrade Affixes Strategy

As a vendor, Path of Exile Rog offers rare equipment for sale. However, what sets him apart is his unique ability to modify the items he sells using the artifacts players have collected. Upon purchasing an item from Rog, he will offer to modify it in exchange for a certain number of artifacts. Players can choose to accept or decline this offer, and if declined, Rog will offer a new modification with an increased artifact cost. Players can only skip over an offer once, as the cost will increase with each subsequent offer. This creates an interesting decision point for players as they weigh the potential benefits of modifying the item against the cost of using their hard-earned artifacts.  what Path of Exile ROG can offer in New League, let's talk about how to leverage his unique crafting mechanics to make items that you want to use or sell for Poe Currency


Path of Exile Rog Upgrade Affixes Strategy


One popular strategy is to start with a base that already has some good affixes on it, and then use ROG to upgrade those affixes to higher tiers. For example, if you have a helmet with +1 to all skill gems and +70 life, you can use ROG to upgrade the +1 to all skill gems affix to +2, which is a much more valuable mod. This can significantly increase the value of the item, especially if you can upgrade multiple mods to higher tiers.


To start, you'll need to find a base item that has affixes you want to upgrade. It's important to look for items that already have desirable mods, such as +life, +resistances, or +damage. These are affixes that are generally in high demand and can fetch a good price in the market. Once you have your base item, you can take it to ROG and start crafting.


Using ROG to upgrade affixes is straightforward. Simply select the affix you want to upgrade from the list of available options, and ROG will attempt to upgrade it to a higher tier. Keep in mind that the success rate of the upgrade depends on the item level of the base item and the tier you're trying to upgrade to. Higher-tier upgrades are more difficult to achieve and may require multiple attempts. However, the rewards can be well worth it, as higher-tier affixes can greatly increase the value of the item.


Another strategy is to use ROG to fill in empty affix slots on an item. If you have an item with one or two good mods but some empty slots, you can use ROG to add additional affixes, which can make the item more versatile and appealing to different builds. For example, if you have a ring with +30% elemental damage and +40 life, but no other mods, you can use ROG to add a resistance mod, such as +20% fire resistance, which can make the ring more attractive to players who need to cap their resistances.


It's important to note that not all affixes can be added to all items. Each item type has its own pool of possible affixes, so make sure to check the available options for the item you're crafting. Also, keep in mind that some affixes may conflict with each other, and you may not be able to have multiple affixes of the same type on a single item. So plan your affixes carefully to avoid conflicts and maximize the value of your crafted item.


It's also important to keep in mind the item level of the base you're working with, as higher item levels can unlock special modifiers that can't roll on lower item-level bases. This is particularly relevant for certain mods that are highly sought after, such as +2 to arrow skills on a bow or +2 to minion gem levels on a helmet. So when selecting a base, be sure to choose a high enough item level to potentially roll these special mods, if that's what you're aiming for.


Additionally, it's crucial to be mindful of supply and demand in the current league. If certain mods or affixes are in high demand due to popular builds or meta shifts, it's wise to focus on crafting items with those mods to capitalize on the market. For example, if spell suppression is a popular mod in the current league, you may want to prioritize crafting items with that mod to cater to the demand.


It's also worth mentioning that crafting with ROG can be risky, as some of his crafting options have the potential to remove or change existing mods on the item. So always double-check

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