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What are some unexplained game mechanics in Final Fantasy XIV?

Are you an avid Final Fantasy XIV player? Do you want to learn more about the game mechanics that are often overlooked or misunderstood? If so, you are in the right place! In this article, we'll explore some game mechanics in FFXIV that you may know but need help explaining.


What are some unexplained game mechanics in Final Fantasy XIV?


Frontlines Hidden Damage Modifiers

In the 72-player PvP mode called Frontlines, there are hidden damage modifiers. Melee attacks take less damage than ranged attacks, and three specific jobs, which have immense ranged AoE potential, get a slight damage penalty. Knowing these hidden mechanics can give you an advantage in PvP battles.


Mitigation in PvE

Mitigation is more complex than it seems. If you assume that two 15% damage reductions on something like Heart of Corundum will equal a 30% reduction, you are mistaken. Mitigation stacks multiplicatively, not additively. Two separate 15% reductions actually come out as 0.85 times 0.85, resulting in a modifier of 0.7225 damage taken, or a roughly 28% reduction, not 30%. To make your mitigation more efficient, it's better to space it out rather than using everything at once.


The Handy Tool Tips Icons

There are three little icons in the top right corner of the tooltip window that is easy to miss. The first FFXIV icon indicates whether an item can go into the Armoire, the second one indicates whether an item can go into the Glamour Dresser, and the third one means you can put a Free Company crest on it.


Limit Break Generation

Generating Limit Break (LB) is a deceptively complex process. You do gain some passive generation just by being in the party, but taking tons of damage is the best way to generate LB. In savage and ultimate content, groups literally need LB to pass certain mechanics. Knowing how to generate LB effectively can make a significant difference in your gameplay.


Standard vs Legacy Movement

The movement system is divided into two types: Standard and Legacy. Standard movement is character-based, which means you can't really attack behind you automatically. On the other hand, the Legacy movement is more free-flowing, allowing you to shoot directly behind you without incident. While Legacy generally feels smoother, the camera wiggle technique can give Standard movement a similar result.


The Macro Misconception

A lot of people coming from other MMOs will flock to macros as they are the game-changing quality-of-life tools in most of those games. However, in Final Fantasy 14, the game could be better, and macros are even laggier. If you press a normal job action, it cues the action, meaning it'll fire off the moment it can. However, macros don't queue, which can cause lag and DPS losses over time. Although some abilities, such as Sprint, may need to be macroed, they are generally not recommended.


The Importance of Skill Speed

Skill speed is an often-overlooked stat, but it can have a significant impact on your gameplay. It affects the global cooldown timer and the recast time of your abilities. Increasing your skill speed can reduce your global cooldown and allow you to use more abilities within the same time frame. However, increasing your skill speed too much can cause you to run out of MP or TP, so be mindful of your limits.



Understanding the hidden damage modifiers in Frontlines PvP, the multiplicative nature of mitigation in PvE, the icons in the tooltip window, the complex process of generating Limit Break, the difference between Standard and Legacy movement, the misconception around macros, and the importance of skill speed can significantly improve your gameplay. Therefore, players should take the time to learn and master these mechanics to gain an advantage in battles and progress further in the game.

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