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PoE 3.21 Blade Trap Energy Shield Trickster Build

Energy shield is a unique form of protection that can recharge on its own after two seconds of not taking any damage, making it different from life, which requires healing items or spells to recover. With over 3k regen, over 15k energy shield, permanent flask uptime even in boss fights without a mageblood, and very high damage mitigation. This build is sure to keep you alive in even the toughest of situations. We will walk you through the key components of the build and how to make it work.



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PoE 3.21 Blade Trap Energy Shield Trickster Build


Skill Choice

Our skill choice is Blade Trap. This is a trap that, when triggered, uses your weapon and starts spinning around like Cyclone, but a trap version. It is important to use a weapon that reaches 100% accuracy rating. I recommend using a really cheap weapon, namely Emphemeral Edge unique weapon. This weapon has some important stats that are exclusive to it. First and foremost, attacking with this weapon adds maximum lightning damage equal to 20% of maximum energy shield while also giving us a ton of energy shield.



We can use 4 curses in our build because of using a unique ring called Anathema. Our curse limit is equal to our maximum power charges. Every character can have 3 charges, but we also take a plus power charge from the tree so we can add 4 curses to the build. It's up to you to go full offensive and use all the damage curses or use 3 damage and 1 defensive curse. We took the defensive route because we have enough damage even with three curses. So the offensive curses using are Elemental Weakness, Conductivity, and Assassin's Mark. Our defensive curse is Enfeeble, which reduces the damage the enemy deals to us.



With 3.21, they removed the lightning mastery damage, and non-crit lightning damage is lucky, so we lost almost 50% damage. Additionally, the Saboteur was reworked, which was another loss. But We found out that if we go with the crit version and take Trickster and add Charged Trap support to our build, we can easily generate power and frenzy charges. We have 4 maximum power charges, so it would not be too smart to go with the non-crit version. And there it is; we have already solved all of the issues on the damage side.



Trickster doesn't have built-in regen, so we need to borrow the Pyromaniac ascendancy passive from Saboteur with Forbidden Flame and Flesh. We bought two jewels for 90 Chaos Orbs total, but there is a limited supply right now, so if you want to buy them, you will have a hard time. 


Energy Shield

The biggest source of energy shield comes from the chest piece Ghostwrithe, which converts maximum life to energy shield, giving more than 6k energy shield alone. This allows for scaling both life and energy shield at the same time. Intelligence is also stacked to get more energy shield, with over 800 intelligence achieved by having int on every possible gear slot. Another significant source of energy shield comes from the amulet Presence of Chayula, which also converts maximum life to energy shield. Reserving a little less than 50% of life is recommended, with Artic Armour used in combination with Arrogance to become immune to freeze.

  • Ephemeral Edge unique weapon: This weapon has added maximum lightning damage equal to 20% of the maximum energy shield, while also providing a ton of energy shield. The Crucible tree on the weapon provides percentage strength and intelligence and trap-throwing speed. However, there are better options available, like double damage or even base crit, so keep an eye out for those.
  • Harvest Enchantment: Quality does not increase physical damage; instead, it increases critical chance per four qualities.
  • Esh's Visage unique shield: Chaos damage taken does not bypass our energy shield while not on low life. Thanks to this shield, we can have only 600 life and not die to chaos damage. The Crucible tree on this item provides a little energy shield increase, life, and regen.
  • Ghostwrithe unique body armor: This item converts our maximum life to an energy shield while also giving us a ton of chaos resistance. This is the reason why we can scale our energy shield from our life.
  • Atziri's Step unique boots: These boots provide spell suppression, life, and a bunch of evasion ratings. It's essential to use these boots because we can't cap our spell suppression without them. The Uber Lab enchantment penetrates 10% elemental resistance if you haven't killed recently, which is useful in boss fights.
  • Presence of Chayula's unique amulet: With this amulet, we cannot be stunned and convert our maximum life to an energy shield. We're anointing Arcane Focus for more energy shields.
  • Anathema unique ring: This ring allows us to use four curses in the build and provides intelligence and a little bit of energy shield.
  • On your gloves: Inflict lightning exposure on the hit and increase the critical chance for attacks.
  • On your helmet: While there is a unique enemy nearby, increased attack damage, and conductivity have increased the curse effect. We're using the helm enchantment blade trap rotate +1 time. We also have the Aspect of the Crab skill on this item, which you can apply from the Blood Altar in the Menagerie.



The recommended flasks are sapphire, topaz, and ruby, with increased charge recovery present on all flasks. Sub-mods include regenerate 3% life during effect, which can be obtained from the unveil mechanic. Pay attention when crafting flasks, as hybrid mods that also give charge recovery will result in less flask effect.

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