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PoE 3.21 Flicker Strike Damage Quickly Slayer Build

Poe Flicker Strike is a powerful skill that can deal massive amounts of damage quickly, but it requires some specific building choices to maximize its potential. Are you ready to experience the power of Flicker Strike like never before? This guide will show you how to build a monster of a character that can deal around 70 million damage, have 100 spell suppression and max block, while utilizing a cheap and forgotten unique weapon. We will start by going over our Ascendancy, Passive Tree, Items, Gems and Jewels.



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PoE 3.21 Flicker Strike Damage Quickly Slayer Build



This Ascendancy provides both melee damage and tankiness, and its starting location on the tree is perfect for our poe builds. We'll start with Impact, which provides us with much-needed accuracy and strike range, as well as 15 more damage to enemies based on proximity. Next, we'll take Brutal Fever, which doubles our life recovery from leech and gives us 10 global damage reduction while leeching, as well as allowing us to retain leech effects after reaching maximum life. We then take Masterful Form, which sets our maximum Endurance Charges to be equal to our maximum Frenzy Charges, in addition to increasing our maximum Frenzy Charges count by one. Last but not least, we have Bane of Legends, which gives us 20 more damage multiplier against Unique Enemies, and 10 more if we have killed anything recently, and both of these stack together.


Weapon: The Saviour

Our mainhand weapon is The Saviour. After its recent buff, a well-rolled Saviour is almost as good as the best rare sword on the market. The extra damage from your reflections makes it a Mirror Tier performance for only a couple of Poe Divines.


Shield: Self-crafted Rare Shield

To go alongside our Weapon, we use a self-crafted Rare Shield synthesized with the Plus One to Maximum Frenzy Charges, Implicit. We Spammed Essences of Clothing on it until we got Block Chance alongside other suffixes that we were satisfied with. We then Spammed Exalted Orbs on the Prefixes until hitting Tier One Life.


Helmet: Replica Pharaoh's Mask

Our next item is the Replica Pharaoh's Mask. It's responsible for generating our Maximum Number of Frenzy and Endurance Charges. We want 30 Quality and the Harvest Enchant, which makes Quality Bonuses grant Intelligence instead.


Helm Enchantment: Aspect of the Cat

We then have a Rare Item with Aspect of the Cat Crafted on it, which we Beastcraft onto our Helm.


Amulet: Generic Rare Amulet

We Anoint Forensic on our Amulet as it represents the Last Frenzy Charge that we couldn't manually afford to allocate on our Passive Tree. Our Generic Rare Amulet has Life, Crit Chance, Crit Multi and Flat Added Physical Damage to Attacks.


Boots: Darkray Vec's Unique Boot

Our next item is Darkray Vec's Unique Boot, which increases our Movement Speed with Frenzy Charges, making it faster than the fastest Mirror Tier Boots on the market. Make sure to Enchant your Boots with Damage Penetration if you haven't Killed Recently Lab Enchant, as it is a lot of Damage for very little time investment.


Belt: Kaom's Heart Unique Belt

Our belt is Kaom's Heart Unique Belt, which converts all of our Endurance Charges into Brutal Charges. Each Brutal Charge is 3% Chance to Deal Triple Damage, and we have 13 Brutal Charges, that's 78% more damage from one item.


Ring: GG Synthesized Ring

Our final item is a GG Synthesized Ring with Plus One to Maximum Frenzy Charge and Plus Set and a bunch of other Damage Mods. It is recommended that you Mirror a decent Ring and then replicate its effect with Calandra's Touch.


Passive Tree

We'll prioritize Frenzy Charges, Sword Nodes, Attack Nodes, Crit Nodes, Spell Suppression, Block Life, and Speed. We also have two large Cluster Dual setups, which provide us with Leech and additional dual sockets, and adds the Notables Feed the Fury, Fuel the Fight, Marshall Prowess, and Gladiators Fortitude. For our Mastery choices, we take the 40% Fire Conversion to Cold Mastery, as it is required for the Belt. We also have 120 Increased Critical Strike Chance with Swords at the cost of 20% Crit Multiplier, and we compensate for this downside with the 25% increase in Critical Strike Multiplier against Unique Enemies.



we have Flicker Strike as our Main Six Link, alongside Awakened Elemental Damage with Attacks, Awakened Cold Penetration, Awakened Multi-Strike, Ice Bite, and Close Combat Support. We then have our Primary Reservation Setup that starts with Hatred, Precision, Herald of Purity, and Level 3 Enlighten. We then have our Four Link Damage Support Setup that contains Divergent Assassin's Mark, Marcon's Head Enhance, and Life Leech Support. Our Primary Mobility Setup contains Leap Slam, Faster Attacks, and Life Tap. We also have some leftover gems, including Phantasmal Ancestor Protector, a Portal Gem, and Enhance Support.



we have 40% of Physical Damage Converted to Cold while affected by Hatred and 15% Cold Penetration while also affected by Hatred. The Conversion Mod is mandatory while the Penetration one is optional. We then have a Lethal Pride Timeless Jewel that mentions any General Place it in this specific socket to maximize its effect. This will make nearby Notables grant additional bonuses, and we are looking for a 5% Chance to Deal Double Damage, Melee Crit Multiplier and try to get as many of them as you can. Any remaining Dual Socket you have left should be filled with Normal Rare Jewels like this one. We are looking for Life and as much Crit Multiplier as possible, so you will need six of these, assuming that you have already kept your Elemental Resistances with your Items. 

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