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Why choose Diablo 4 Rogue for Season Start Class?

Are you considering playing Diablo 4 but not sure which class to choose? In this guide, we will provide an overview of the rogue class to help you make an informed decision. The rogue class is known for its incredible maneuverability, with abilities such as blade shift that moves you through enemies, granting movement speed, and shadow step to teleport you behind enemies. While the rogue is typically squishier than other classes, its ability to quickly evade damage and access to self-healing abilities makes it a viable option.


Why choose Diablo 4 Rogue for Season Start Class?


There are six types of abilities that the rogue has: basic abilities, core abilities, agility abilities, immune abilities, ultimate skills, and subterfuge abilities.

  • Basic abilities include a heart seeker, which shoots an arrow and increases the crit chance against the target by a certain percentage.
  • Core abilities include rapid fire, which can quickly shoot five arrows in a row.
  • Agility abilities are evasive maneuvers such as blade shift and shadow step.
  • Immune abilities imbue effects to your weapon hits, such as the shadow immune, which affects enemies with a debuff that explodes when the mob dies, dealing damage to all surrounding enemies.
  • Ultimate skills normally have long cooldowns with very powerful effects, and subterfuge abilities include traps, stealth, and damage reduction abilities.


The rogue has the option to either have a melee or ranged build, depending on your preference.

Range builds focus on evading enemies by slowing them down, like cow drops, or dazing them with abilities like a smoke bomb.

Melee builds are more about burst damage windows between your defensive abilities, like concealment. Rogue has Builds for great bows for AOE grinding and single-target boss fights where they excel better than other classes.


The specialization system adds another layer of customizability to the class. Your options are combo points, inner site, and preparation, and you can only choose one. With combo points, your basic abilities generate combo points with your skills, and you will consume these combo points with other abilities for more powerful effects. In-sight marks enemies and this will eventually fill up your inner side gauge. When it's full, you will have unlimited energy for a certain amount of seconds. Lastly, we have prepared, which wasn't available in the beta, so we don't really know what it's going to look like just yet.


Another unique ability that only rogues have is the dismount ability. Other classes get automatically dismounted when attacked on a mount, but rogues can shoot a reign of arrows mid-air whenever they dismount.


To sum it up, the rogue class deals insane damage, has powerful self-healing, and has many defensive abilities to avoid or mitigate damage. While it may be rated as a mid to top-tier class, every class is overpowered in its own way, and Rogue is currently very overpowered at taking on bosses. With insane single-target damage, a rogue is a great option for players looking for a versatile and powerful class to play in Diablo 4.

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