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PoE 3.21 Powerful Intricacies of Fire trap Elementalist Build

Path of Exile is an action-packed role-playing game with a vast world, tons of Poe Currency, and countless opportunities to build a powerful character. One of the most popular builds is the Fire trap Elementalist. It's a powerful and versatile build that can deal massive amounts of damage to single targets and groups of enemies. In this Build, we will explore the intricacies of Fire trap Elementalist and provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to build a character that can take on any challenges in Path of Exile.




The only important Keystone for this build is Elemental Overload. For masteries, pick the life one for more maximum life, fire masteries for extra 5% exposure and life regeneration per uncapped fire resistance, and DOT Mastery for DOT multiplier if killed recently. You may also want to invest in reservation masteries for increased damage per aura and maximum elemental resistances. If you need more reservation efficiency, pick a nearby Mana cluster with its Mastery for reservation efficiency.



In addition to the passive tree and Pantheon choices, you'll want to focus on high life regeneration and fire damage for defense. Look for gear with these stats and use appropriate flasks. Consider using the following flasks: Ruby Flask, Quicksilver Flask, Granite Flask, Basalt Flask, and Divine Life Flask.



For offense, focus on fire damage, DOT damage, and trap damage. Look for gear and gems that provide these stats. Some recommended gems include Infernal Cry, Elemental Hit, Flame Dash, and Immolate Support.


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PoE 3.21 Powerful Intricacies of Fire trap Elementalist Build

Elementalist is an ascendancy that you can equip with any Elemental damage spell and make it work efficiently by handling such skills and their correlative Elemental ailments. For an ignite build, it'd be hard to find a better alternative.

Fire trap seems like one of the best options for a fire spell. It explodes upon activating to deal hit damage, which can ignite and leave burning ground shortly after, which is not an ignite but will benefit from increases to burning damage nonetheless. It's great against stationary targets.

The Elementalist skill tree provides access to a lot of damage, burning damage, and survivability nodes that are ideal for this build. You'll want to focus on getting as many of these nodes as possible.



Fire trap is used to inflict two layers of fire damage over time simultaneously, and it also has a very high effectiveness of added damage, making it excellent for an ignite build or any build that specializes in dealing with burning damage.

The second skill can be Flame Dash, Body Swap, or Frost Blink. The build has average defenses, a respectable amount of armor from determination, spell suppression chance, which should reach 100%, block chance from Bastion of elements, and quite a lot of maximum life. With high investment, it's very good.


Clear Speed and Mapping

The clear speed is excellent, but it's not ideal for mapping. For that, you'll use a separate ability.


Single Target Damage

The single target damage is extremely good for its price. It requires some extra cooldown recovery rate of movement skills.


Unique Items

You won't need any unique items, but some of them are extremely fitting for this build specifically, such as Stampede boots that allow you to Dash with higher frequency.

  • Skin of the Lords is the best option if you value damage above all. Be sure to find a copy with the right colors and innocuous Keystone. It's pretty expensive as of patch 3.21.
  • The Brass Dome is the best option if you value survivability. The extra maximum Elemental resistances and armor are great as you probably won't have a lot of them.
  • Use Legacy of Fury to Scorch your enemies so that they'll receive increased Elemental damage and explode on death. Immortal flesh is a great option for a lot of Maximum life and life regeneration, but you'll need to figure out some extra Elemental resistances.
  • Ashes of the Stars is a good pick for this build. It increases the gem level and quality of all skills in your reservation efficiency.
  • You can use Barracks respite ring for all the minor generic bonuses and to spread ignite on opponent's death so that you can save on One support gem socket in your Mobility setup. Polaric Devastation, put it in your right ring slot to cover enemies in Ash, it's great only if you don't use infernal cry already.
  • Pyre is a ring with a lot of cold and fire resistances with burning damage that destroys enemies on kill that has no maximum life modifiers whatsoever. Malevolence's modifiers on a Watcher's eye are excellent. Get one for an extra dot multiplier or faster ignite.



  • Helmet: You can use a regular helmet with basic defenses, but there are a few exotic helmet mods that RF (Righteous Fire) players use that you can borrow to increase the damage of your second setup with the mobility skill.
  • Weapon: Get a weapon that increases the level of fire trap by one. This should be rather easy to find.
  • Shield: A shield can get you a lot of resistances, maximum life, spell suppression, and even maximum Elemental resistances. You don't have to use it, but we recommend doing so.
  • Chest Piece: A well-balanced option for a chest piece is a rare body armor. Try to get as much maximum life as possible followed by resistances and spell suppression. Chance for extra gem level can be found on Warlord or Shaper armors.
  • Boots: Get rare boots with maximum life, movement speed, resistances, attributes, and spell suppression chance.
  • Gloves: Get a pair of basic gloves with modifiers to increase your defenses or damage over time. If you have the Apothecary gloves base, those can be useful.
  • Belt: Look for a rare belt with maximum life, strength, and resistances.
  • Amulet: Get an amulet with maximum life, resistances, attributes, damage over time multiplier, burning damage, and an extra level or two to fire trap.
  • Rings: You can use a regular ring with maximum life, resistances, and attributes. For more damage, you can seek modifiers like DOT multiplier or even flammability on hit.
  • Jewels: Any notable from a fire-oriented cluster Jewel would be appreciated, but getting a good one is a luxury. There's a distinct set of medium cluster jewels that increase burning damage with suitable notables on them. You may want to get such jewels in order to min-max the build.


Passive Skill Tree

On the passive skill tree, seek more fire damage, burning damage, DOT, and trap damage. For defenses, simply look for maximum life nodes. The Tolerance notable is nearby, so you might as well pick it up. Elemental Overload is the only important Keystone. For masteries, pick Life for more maximum life, Fire for extra 5% exposure and life regeneration per uncapped fire resistance, DOT for DOT multiplier if killed recently, and Reservation for increased damage per Aura and maximum Elemental resistances. If you need more reservation efficiency, pick a nearby Mana cluster with its Mastery for reservation efficiency.


Gem Links

- Main Skill (Fire Trap)

  • Fire Trap
  • Empower
  • Burning Damage
  • Trap and Mine Damage
  • Swift Affliction
  • Controlled Destruction


- Secondary Skill (Spell Cast by Proxy)

  • Spell Cascade
  • Wave of Conviction
  • Combustion
  • Hex Touch
  • Flammability


- Utility Skills

  • Malevolence
  • Determination
  • Skitterbots
  • Cast When Damage Taken
  • Steel Skin/Molten Shell
  • Flame/Chaos Golem
  • Low-level Precision
  • Infernal Cry



A set of magic utility flasks with one life flask for instant life recovery is recommended. Quicksilver flask for movement speed, Quartz flask for phasing and spell suppression, Granite flask for armor, and Amethyst, Silver, or Basalt flask depending on your gear. These should increase your armor evasion rating, movement speed, and grant immunity to bleeding or freeze from suffixes.



After killing all the bandits in Act 2 for the extra passive skill points, you'll want to seek out more fire damage, burning damage, DOT damage, and trap damage on the passive skill tree. Look for maximum life nodes as well, and be sure to pick up the Tolerance notable since it's nearby.


Pantheon Choices

The two Pantheon choices for this build are focused on mitigating damage over time. Soul of Arakaali will mitigate damage over time, especially chaos damage, if your resistance to this type of damage is uncapped. Abberath is used to reduce ignite duration on you by 60% and make burning ground speed you up instead of dealing damage.



This build is focused on mitigating damage over time and emphasizing fire damage. It relies heavily on life regeneration and high maximum life, so make sure to prioritize these stats on gear and on the passive skill tree. With proper investment, this build should be able to handle end-game content with ease.

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