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Farming Poe Currency in Legion Jungle Valley Encounters Strategy

If you're looking for a solid strategy for farming Legion encounters in Path of Exile Jungle Valley, you've come to the right place! In this guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about building your character, using the right items, and optimizing your approach to making the most of this Poe Currency rewarding content.


Farming Poe Currency in Legion Jungle Valley Encounters Strategy


It's important to recognize that Legion farming isn't just about opening maps with Legion encounters and expecting to rake in the currency. You'll need a build that can reliably trigger these encounters, and that specializes in a valuable aspect of the game. Without these elements, you'll struggle to see good returns on your time investment.


To get started with this strategy, you'll need a blaster build and a bit of currency to invest in the right items. The cornerstone of any Legion farming strategy is the Polished Legion Scarab, which provides valuable support when used alongside sextants. However, this isn't a strategy you can execute without any prior investment. You'll need a solid build and a few items to get started.


Let's dive into the Currency-making opportunities available through Legion farming. One common misconception is that the emblems you get from these encounters are the only valuable drops. While emblems are relatively cheap in this league, Legion monsters drop a ton of other valuable items, including maps, stack decks, raw currency, and incubators.


In fact, incubators are one of the most underrated rewards of Legion encounters. While many incubators are only marginally useful, there are a few that provide incredible returns on your time investment. One such example is the Ornate Incubator, which requires you to kill just 4,180 monsters to receive a six-linked item. This incubator not only provides high returns but does so efficiently, making it a top choice for Legion farmers.


Another valuable incubator is the Calgarian Incubator, which provides re-rolled currency items that are always worth trading. You'll typically receive Astra Golly or Scrap Metal, but you may also receive Burrow Medallions in stacks of two to four.


When it comes to farming Legion encounters, your Atlas passive tree is critical to your success. You'll want to take advantage of all the Legion clusters available, with the exception of Face Off. While this cluster provides a higher chance of encountering a General, we've found that Generals aren't worth the time investment, as their splinters aren't worth as much as those from other Legion monsters.


Jungle Valley is a popular map among Path of Exile players due to its decent layout and lack of a recognized boss by the game, which means that alters cannot roll boss rewards. This is advantageous because boss rewards are usually the worst. Additionally, Jungle Valley is a great map for Legion encounters as it lends itself well to minion rewards from the altars.


To sustain Jungle Valley, you can use a Cartography Scarab and Singular Focus favor. This combination allows you to over-sustain the map and even sell extra maps for profit. For compasses, Legion and Beyond are recommended. Legion encounters can be expensive, but they can be worth it if the price is right. Beyond, on the other hand, is a no-brainer as it's not commonly rolled on maps.


When it comes to juicing the map, using a Polished Legion Scarab is essential as it gives extra War Hordes. Rustic Cartography Scarab is not recommended as it doesn't give as much value. Additionally, including a Delirium Mirror depends on whether you have one or not. If you have one, it's recommended to kill the boss for the additional reward. Otherwise, skip it to save time.


Jungle Valley is a strong map for sustaining and making a profit in Path of Exile. By using the right combinations of scarabs, compasses, and favors, you can easily sustain the map while also getting valuable rewards from the altars.

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