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Diablo 4 Fast Leveling Forage Druid Earthen Build Guide

If you're a fan of Earthen skills, then you'll be pleased to know that the Earthen druid build is a viable and strong option for leveling your forage druid. In fact, in my opinion, it might be the best way to level a druid due to the guaranteed aspects that make it so strong. Let's take a closer look at the skills you'll need to unlock and the synergies that make this build so effective.


Diablo 4 Fast Leveling Forage Druid Earthen Build Guide


Skills to Unlock

First, you'll want to start with Earth Spike and Enhanced Earth Spike, which gives you a 10% chance to stun enemies with your earth spike. Once you unlock your spirit skill, you'll want to get Landslide and Enhanced Landslide, which immobilizes enemies for three seconds after damaging them four times.


Next, you'll want to unlock Heart of the Wild and Wild Impulses. These skills make your core skills cost 15 more spirits but deal 30% more damage, making your Landslide hit even harder.


After that, you'll want to focus on unlocking Earthen Bulwark and Enhanced Earthen Bulwark, which leads to Unstoppable. Earthen Bulwark will give you a barrier that absorbs damage, and Enhanced Earthen Bulwark will make you unstoppable, which means you can't be interrupted or knocked back.


You can also get Innate Earthen Bulwark, which will cause rock shrapnel to fire out when Earthen Bulwark is destroyed or expires, dealing 30 weapon damage to surrounding enemies. The damage is increased by barrier bonuses, which means the stronger your barrier, the more damage it will do.



The real power of this build comes from the synergies between your skills. For example, when you immobilize or stun an enemy with Landslide, you gain a Terra Mote. Each enemy hit by Landslide consumes a Terra Mote, which gives you a guaranteed critical strike with 40% critical strike damage. Bosses always have a 10% chance to grant a Terra Mote when hit, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to get critical strikes.


Another key skill is Nature's Reach, which is in the Companion skill tree. This skill gives you a 3% (up to 9% with three points) increase in damage to distant enemies. This bonus is doubled if the enemy is slowed, stunned, immobilized, or knocked back. This means that any enemy you immobilize or stun with Landslide or Enhanced Landslide will take 18% increased damage, which is a significant boost.


You'll also want to focus on generating Fortify with your abilities, as Fortify will give you an increased critical strike chance with Earth Skills. When you have any Fortify, Boulder has a 20% increased critical strike chance, which makes it hit even harder. Additionally, Crushing Earth makes your Earth Skills deal 15% increased damage to slowed, stunned, immobilized, or knocked back enemies, which again synergizes with Nature's Reach.


Finally, you'll want to unlock Petrify, which increases your critical strike damage and stuns enemies. When enemies are stunned, they take increased damage, which makes this skill even more valuable. You can also unlock skills that make Petrify last longer and give you spirit when enemies are slain by it.



The earthen druid build is a strong and viable option for leveling your forage druid in Diablo 4. By unlocking the right skills and synergizing them together, you can deal massive amounts of damage and take down enemies quickly. Make sure to focus on generating Fortify, immobilizing or stunning enemies, and taking advantage of Nature's Reach to maximize your damage output.

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