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Poe 3.21 One-shot Uber boss Ice Crash Berserker Build

Path of Exile is known for its challenging boss fights, and defeating Uber bosses is a great achievement for any player. If you want to take your game to the next level, you might want to consider building a belt that can one-shot every Uber boss in the game. In this poe builds, we'll show you how to create such a belt using the right skills, items, and passives int Ice Crash Berserker Build.



Poe 3.21 One-shot Uber boss Ice Crash Berserker Build


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Passive Tree:

Our passive tree will focus on physical damage, melee damage, crit chance and multi, accuracy, life regen, and some reservation stuff. We'll be using one large cluster jewel setup, which adds the following notables: Precise Retaliation, Martial Prowess, and Calamitous. We'll also have two medium cluster jewels, which add some powerful crit notables like Basics of Pain, Skull Breaker, and Precise Retaliation. Finally, we'll have one small mana reservation efficiency cluster jewel that has three nodes and at least 25% increased effective added passives. This will add the Spiteful Presence notable, which greatly reduces the mana reservation of our Hatred aura.


Mastery Choices:

For our mastery choices, we'll be taking 10 more maximum physical damage and 25 to critical strike multiplier against unique enemies. Nearby enemies will be intimidated while we have rage, auras will have 10% increased effect on us, and we'll have 40% increased accuracy rating against unique enemies. Our attacks will cost 30 life instead of mana.



We'll be starting off as an Imrader Ascendant, and then taking the Berserker subclass. We'll be taking the Aspect of Carnage node, which grants 40% more damage but also increases the damage taken by 10%. The idea here is to deal as much damage as possible before the enemy can retaliate.


Next, we'll take the Warbringer node, which has three important effects: it allows our war cries to generate rage based on their power, it makes it so that our war cries consume rage instead of mana, and it grants 50% more damage after consuming a war cry.


Finally, we'll take Crave the Slaughter, which increases our maximum rage by 10. While this node doesn't directly benefit our belt, we need to take it in order to unlock the next node, which is the key to our build.


Right of Ruin is the node we're after. It triples the inherent bonuses of having rage, which means we gain 3 attack damage, 1.5 attack speed, and around 1% increased movement speed per point of rage. If we time our combo correctly, we should have around 4 rage left when we unleash our devastating attack.



We'll be using a perfectly rolled pair of Facebreaker gloves, which multiplies our melee physical damage by 8 but only while we have no weapon equipped. This presents two issues: we need to supply our own base physical damage and crit chance. To solve the first issue, we'll use a Red Blade Banner unique shield, which provides a lot of base physical damage. To solve the second issue, we'll use a Rigwald's Curse unique amulet, which gives a 7% base crit chance with unarmed attacks. We'll also need to anoint the amulet with Whispers of Doom, as we'll be applying two curses in the build.


While Abyssus is one of the most powerful offense-only items in the game, we'll be using a rare helm with tier 1 physical damage, crit multi, and life with some resistances instead. Our belt will be a Ryslatha's Coil unique belt, which increases our maximum achievable physical damage and reduces our minimum one.

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