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POE 3.21 Manabond Hierophant 500D All-Arounder Build | Fast & Tank & Uber Killer

Welcome to Manabond Hierophant build guide for 500 divines mana bond Mjölner in Path of Exile 3.21! This build is designed to be an all-arounder character that excels in various aspects of gameplay, including deep delves, boss fights, and mapping. With 16,000 energy shields and the potential to increase it to over 20,000 with the right investment, this build is incredibly tanky. It can also easily defeat all of the Uber bosses, although it may be weaker than some trapper builds.


POE 3.21 Manabond Hierophant 500D All-Arounder Build | Fast & Tank & Uber Killer


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How do build work?

The central component of the build is Mjölner, a hammer that triggers any lightning spell socketed in it. The preferred skill to the socket is mana bond. Mana bond deals lightning damage proportional to the amount of missing, unreserved mana.


Therefore, this build is designed to stack mana. Currently, the build has approximately 11,000 mana, but it is possible to push it to even 15,000. To trigger the mana bond, a divergent cyclone is linked with Mjölner. Additionally, you can connect Mjölner to a channelling link and link it with other skills to maximize damage. For mapping, the lightning warp can be used for increased damage.


Shock, nova, and arc can be used as intermediate skills that deal good damage and clear well, but they lack mobility. To play this build, you need to channel Cyclone to activate either lightning warp, arc, or shock nova, as well as mana bond, for additional damage. Arc and Cloak are also used to provide an absorbed shield and additional lightning damage, depending on the amount of mana spent. The arcane Cloak will deplete most of your mana and boost the damage of the mana bond.


Afterwards, you can start regaining mana with your Cyclone and anomalous mana leech support. Once you reach your maximum mana again, you can use your arcane Cloak and deplete your mana once more. This is a rotational build that revolves around managing your mana to maximize damage.


Main Skill

Firstly, the "Millionaire" item is crucial to trigger your socketed mana bond, which is supported by "Awakened Lighting Penetration" and "Awakened Elements of Focus". This will enhance your damage output significantly. We're also using a "Squire" for a sixth link, which is socketed with "Increased Critical Damage", "Increased AOE", and "Awakened Spell Cascade" for more Clarity. If you're bossing, you can swap to "Concentrated Effect" for added damage.


For the chest, we're using "Phantasmal Lightning Warp", which can be changed to "Anomalous Arc" or "Shock Nova" for more damage, Clarity, or speed. This is linked with "Passive Channeling" and "Cyclone", which triggers your main skill. Additionally, we're using "Cooling Strike" for additional damage from recycling and animal's mana leech.


To lead your mana, you'll need "Anomalous Monolith" for the effect of increasing damage for each 200 mana spent recently. This is essential because your Cyclone will only do as much damage if you have it. You'll notice that your tooltip damage has increased significantly, from almost 1000 max lightning damage to almost 10,000.


Lastly, the rest duration link is excellent for "Fantasma Lightning Warp", and we're using "Ancient" to reduce light incorporation. This setup makes you move very quickly. If you want more damage, you can switch to the second six-ring setup, which includes two "Ivory Towers" and "Classified Channel" links on the "Monstrous Strike". The "Anomalous Monolith" leads the "Deck Version" of the Cyclone and "Animals Shock Nova," which is for single target and shock. You won't be able to shock with "Mana Bond" because of "Awakened Elemental Focus."


Using two "Anomalous" gems is necessary because less duration is needed for "Lightning Warp" but not for "Shock Nova." You'll use "Increased Critical Damage" for the latter. The same setup is used for "Arch," and you can swap between them when you're bossing or mapping. You also have +1 to socketed gems and +1 to second gems with one maximum all rash. This gear was purchased cheaply.



To start, increasing spell damage should be your top priority. Aim for 25% increased spell damage with your Indigo. The second priority is 10% increased mana, followed by reduced mana cost to improve mana sustainability. Arcane Cloak grants more mana depending on how much you spend, and the increased mana benefits Indigon and your Cyclone damage.


Moving on to defence, Ivory Tower grants 30 energy shields per 100 reserved mana, which works well with the Low Life build. This build reserves all life for auras since the mana is needed for skills. Industrial Region and Chaos damage are taken from mana before life, providing protection against chaos damage. However, since chaos damage bypasses the energy shield when life is low, using a Coralito's Signature flask is necessary. This flask removes all your life but prevents chaos damage from bypassing your energy shield.


To gain more energy shield, Shaper's Touch gloves are used, which provide additional mana per strength. An amulet with increased attributes, strength, and mana is used, and Primal Spirit is anointed to gain even more mana and additional mana per hit. Rings and boots should also stack attributes, life, and mana. It's essential to reach a certain cooldown recovery rate, which is why a 9% increased cooldown recovery rate is necessary for boots. Lastly, Mage Blood grants powerful thoughts and adds movement speed, while Zealotry provides energy shield regeneration.


For defence against attacks, Jade and Quicksilver Flasks provide movement speed and evasion, while Sapphire and Topaz Flasks grant elemental damage reduction.


Passive Tree and Jewels 

To maximize the damage output for heavy chaos damage builds, using amethyst jewels is recommended. As for the passive skill tree, prioritize stacking strength, intelligence, and mana. For this, use the Split Personality jewel, which provides additional strength and intelligence, located as far away as possible from the starting point. This grants a significant boost in both stats. To further amplify the effects of strength and intelligence, use the Forbidden Power cluster jewels.

POE 3.21 Manabond Hierophant Passive Tree

These are quite expensive, costing around 35 devices for the first and 37 for the second. However, they provide a critical strike chance for every point in the lower of strength or intelligence, along with 35 strength per intelligence.


For the jewels, Healthy Mind is recommended to transform life increase to mana increase. For the second jewel, choose one with either a critical strike multiplier or more mana and energy shield, along with strength, if possible. Look for jewels with high energy shields when affected by Clarity, as it is essential.


The Cluster Jewels are used for additional mana and lightning pen, while the Discerning Eye provides additional damage. For the Small Cluster Jewels, focus on increased mana, increased effect of the dual modifiers, and more strength.


Little Pride is an important unique jewel to have, which provides 5% strength, a 5% chance to deal double damage, and 25 resistance. Without it, fire resistance may suffer. Using voices for the Cluster Jewels is recommended, as they provide additional regular jewels. For the Stone Drinker, which releases an energy shield, choose additional mana and damage.


When it comes to the passive skill tree, prioritize life, strength, and mana. For added energy shield, choose the Shaper, notable for a 60% increase. Take the threshold jewel. Stun Threshold is based on 60 of your energy shield instead of life, as it provides stunned immunity. For more mana reserve, use 20 life reservation efficiency. Keep in mind that there are three types of reservation efficiency and a ring with life reservation efficiency can be used.


Finally, keep in mind that cycling with the Awakened Channeling Support provides ignore stun while using supported skills. However, it is not always active so that some additional stunned immunity may be necessary. The priority is to maximize damage output while maintaining balanced defences.


Other Skill Gem

Aside from the main six-link setup, there are other skill gems that We use in my build. Firstly, We utilize Clarity, which is currently at level one in the Watchers Eye. This provides us with an additional energy shield based on our maximum mana. Another skill gem that We use is Divergent Tempest Shield, which grants shock immunity and some spell block. However, this skill is less essential than the others, so if you lack life or prefer to use something else, you can drop Discipline for more mana.


Discipline is an aura that reserves life instead of mana, and it provides a significant boost to the energy shield. Currently, We have an 11.5k energy shield due to Discipline. Additionally, We use Arcane Surge linked with Arc and Cloak, which grants a big damage boost to all skills, thanks to the traditional lightning damage that it absorbs. With this setup, We get around 8k absorbed shield, and you can push for more if desired.


Furthermore, Arcane Surge also triggers Arcane Search, which lasts for around the same duration, if not longer. Additionally, we get Arcane Surge Pro, which grants Arcane Surge when we kill an enemy. We also use Increased Duration, which increases the duration of Arcane Search and Arcane Surge. Enhance is another gem that We use for more quality.


For additional mana regeneration, We use Divergent Enfeeble and Divergent Vitality. The former provides us with an additional spell block, while the latter gives us more mana regeneration. We currently do not use any alternate quality for these gems since We prioritize using Vaal Discipline for even more energy shield regeneration.


Lastly, We use Frostblink, which is excellent for mobility, as my primary mobility skill. The only other mobility skill that We use is Lightning Warp, which We use for mapping. We hope this guide clarifies the use of other skill gems in my build.


Note: If you're interested in playing this build but concerned about the budget, it's possible to create a similar character with less investment. You can click on the PoE Ninja link to see how to build this character with less POE currency.



Overall, this build offers a unique and fun playstyle that is both powerful and versatile. Whether you're looking to push deep delves or clear maps quickly, this build is worth trying out. Let's dive into the details and see how to create this build step by step.

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