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Group play is the most efficient way to make Poe Divine Orbs

Welcome to Path of Exile guide where we will discuss the benefits of group play, particularly in terms of loot and currency acquisition. In a recent game session, we were lucky enough to have encountered the Blue Slasher, a mob that dropped an impressive 10 Poe Divines. This is a rare occurrence, and we would like to share how this happened and why playing in groups is important.


Group play is the most efficient way to make Poe Divine Orbs


Why Group play is the most efficient way to make Poe Divine Orbs?

  • Allows you to split map costs and fully invest into map with Elevated Sextants and Winged Scarabs.
  • Group play adds an additional Currency Items, Increased Item Quantity, and Increased Item Rarity Multiplier.
  • Group play allows your carry who lands the killing blow to stack more Item Quantity and Rarity on gear as they can depend on
  • Aurabot, Mana Guardian, and Curse Bot for survivability and damage.
  • Difference between Winged and Gilded Scarabs is astronomical.
  • Since you are increasing and adding a new multiplier, the amount of loot dropping is exponentially higher.
  • Diminishing Returns for each additional player, so you have to find the right balance.


Each player after the first adds the following bonus:

Effects/Members 2 3 4 5 6
Currency 50% 100% 150% 200% 250%
Quantity Items 27% 51% 73% 93% 112%
Rarity Items 17% 31% 44% 55% 65%


To begin with, investing in maps is costly, and the most efficient way to do so is through group play. For instance, if you fully invest in maps, using winged scarabs and elevated sextants, you may end up losing money. While loot explosions are still possible, the chances of finding valuable items on the ground have been greatly reduced since 3.19. However, this does not mean that group play has lost its effectiveness.


In fact, group play is still the most viable way to maximize loot and currency acquisition. The reason behind this is that the cost of mapping materials is high and not sustainable for a solo player. For instance, you cannot use elevated sextants, and instead, you have to use a 500% enraged strongbox instead of a 600% one. Additionally, you cannot use winged scarabs, which means you're only getting 250% more div cards instead of the 150% more you could get in a group.


Moreover, group play has additional currency items, increased item quantity, and increased item rarity multipliers. These multipliers get multiplied by your personal item quantity and rarity and then by the map quantity and rarity. Therefore, having this additional multiplier means you will get a lot more loot. While having two players means 50% more Poe currency items, 27% more item quantity, and 17% more item rarity, it's important to note that this is not a linear equation. It's a multiplier, which means that it increases a bunch of these multipliers, allowing for an exponential scaling of loot acquisition.


The difference between winged and gilded scarabs is significant, and playing in groups allows for the use of these items, further maximizing loot acquisition. In addition, playing in groups allows you to run more item quality and rarity on your gear since you can rely on the mana guardian and curse for all of your survivability and damage issues.


Lastly, it's important to note that there are diminishing returns for each additional player, so finding the right balance is crucial. But playing in groups remains the most effective way to maximize loot and currency acquisition in Path of Exile. So, if you're looking to acquire more valuable items and currency, consider playing with a group of friends. Thanks for watching, and we hope this guide has been helpful to you.

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