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Path of Exile Quickly Legion 5-way Leveling Up Guides

In this article, we will be discussing how to get your level 100 very cheaply and possibly even in a profitable way in Path of Exile's Legion League. The Legion 5-way method of leveling involves standing in the middle of a domain of timeless conflict while the carry kills enemies, and the Aurabot keeps you alive. Here are five ways to do the 5-way properly and level up your gems along the way.


Path of Exile Quickly Legion 5-way Leveling Up Guides


The first step is to find your Legion 5-way. You can go on the Forbidden Trove and search for "five-way" to find runs in your region. You can also ask a friend to search for a five-way carry and copy the message to send it through. Once you find a run, copy the message and send it to the person hosting the run to get invited.


While in the five-way, you can level up a whole lot of gems, dropping them in your gear. You can level up gems to level 20 with 20 quality, and prepare them to be corrupted to level 21. You can then sell these gems to recoup some of the costs or make a profit.


To know which gems to level up, go to PoE.Ninja, and select "skill gems" on the left-hand side. Look for the highest value level 21 gems that have 20 quality and are of the normal type. Grab as many of these as you can, and choose a variety to see what is most valuable. Some popular gems are Devouring Totem, Exploding Totem, Manifold Arrow, and Purity of Lightning.


To level up a gem to 20 quality, get a normal gem and level it up to level 20. Then, go to a vendor and sell it with one Gemcutter's Prism. This will give you a level one gem with 20 quality. Chuck it back into your gear and level it up to level 20 again to get a 20/20 gem.


If you're looking to level up efficiently in Path of Exile, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • you'll need to gear up, especially with a good sword, and aim for at least three to three and a half thousand life.
  • However, with the discipline from the Orbit, it's usually enough to keep you alive.
  • One common mistake people make is going into five-way battles too early. Players at level 59 might try to level up in these battles, which is a waste of time and resources.
  • It's better to go to Blood Aqueducts and level up until around level 67, which is when you start ramping up XP.
  • It's important to note that there is an XP penalty if your character is too high or too far below the monster level.
  • The graph for the Domain of Timeless Conflicts, an area level 84 zone, illustrates this well.
  • You'll get a diminishing experience if you're level 60 in this zone. Around level 67 is when you'll start getting decent XP gains.
  • Level 70 to 72 is a good range to aim for as you'll get really good experience gains.
  • Around level 77 is the peak where you'll get maximum experience for 10 to 15 levels.
  • After level 90, experience gains will start to fall off and take longer.
  • It's crucial not to go into a five-way battle at level 60; you'll be wasting your time and Poe currency.
  • There are more efficient ways to level up from level 60 to level 70.
  • Additionally, if you die in a five-way battle, don't click the resurrect button, as this causes a bug, and resets take longer.


While you can reset the battle using a smoke mine and a flame dash, it's not necessary since the Aurobot does the resetting nowadays. However, if you want to reset the battle manually, you can use a smoke mine and a flame dash. Stand in the middle of the battle and drop a smoke mine. Once it charges up, the flame dashes out and immediately detonates the mine by pressing D. Go back under the dome and repeat.


To level up your gems, you can corrupt them. You can search for gems with a 21 max requirement to see how many level 21 gems you have. However, keep in mind that the process of leveling up gems can cost a lot of Poe currency.


In summary, finding a Legion 5-way and leveling up gems can be profitable and cheap, especially if you know what gems to level up and how to level up gems to 20 quality. Follow these tips and get your level 100 in no time.

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