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8 Most Common Mistakes in FFXIV Economy

Final Fantasy XIV is an immersive and expansive game with a vast economic system that can seem daunting to new players. However, making mistakes in the game's economy can result in lost gil, wasted effort, and overall frustration. In this guide, we'll discuss some of the common mistakes that new players make in Final Fantasy XIV's economy and how to avoid them.


8 Most Common Mistakes in FFXIV Economy


Tax Fraud 101

One of the first things new players will notice is that they can sell items on the market board using their retainers. However, what many players need to learn is that the market tax varies depending on the city you're selling in. For example, the tax rate in Ul'dah is higher than in Ishgard, Kugane, Crystarium, and Limsa Lominsa. To avoid paying unnecessary taxes, dispatch your retainer to a city with a lower tax rate.


Check Vendor Prices

Another mistake new players make is selling items on the market board for less than they could get by selling them to vendors. Conversely, they might buy items from the market board that they could buy cheaper from a vendor. Always check the vendor price before putting items on the market board or buying from it.


Use Reasonable Stack Sizes

When selling items on the market board, consider the stack size. For example, nobody is going to buy 73 of the same dye at once, so it's better to sell them in smaller stack sizes. Consider what items are usually bought in smaller quantities and sell them in these quantities instead of selling them in an entire stack. This will help you sell things faster and at a higher price.


Undercutting Responsibly

When selling items on the market board, you'll often find yourself in competition with other players. If someone has undercut you, it's tempting to undercut them back immediately. However, this can quickly turn into a race to the bottom, where everyone is undercutting each other, and prices are plummeting. Instead, undercut responsibly and only when it makes sense for your profit margins.


Don't Get Pressured into Selling

One of the biggest things new players need to improve is feeling pressured to sell items at a low price. Remember that you can wait to sell an item immediately if the price is too low. Instead, take the item off the market board and store it in a retainer or your inventory. You can always put it up for sale later when the price is higher.


Use Marketboard Favorites

The market board favourites list is an excellent tool for crafters and gatherers. You can use this list to track the price of items you know you can gather or craft easily. To add an item to your favourites, search for the item you want to track, right-click, and select "Add to Favorites."


Don't Waste Allowances

If you're a crafter or gatherer at max level, you can earn free FFXIV gil by using your allowances. Go to your journal and look for "Allowances" at the bottom right. These are leaf quest allowances that you can use to do harmony leave quests. You don't want to let these cap, so make sure to use them whenever they come up. For example, there is a quest in Ul'dah called "The Mountain Steeped", where you can turn in 3 sides to renew and get 10,000 Gil.


Don't Waste Treasure Maps

If you're a gatherer, you can collect treasure maps once per day. To get a level 70, 80, or 90 treasure map, go to a node that corresponds to that level. Check that it's an eight-player map, as these usually sell for higher prices. Once you have the map, you can sell it on the market board for anywhere from 20,000 gil to 70,000 gil.



Final Fantasy XIV's economy can be overwhelming for new players. By following these tips, you'll avoid common mistakes and make the most of your time and resources. Remember to dispatch your retainers to cities with lower taxes, check vendor prices before selling or buying items, use reasonable stack sizes, and undercut responsibly. 

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