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What are the most popular non-playable races in FFXIV?

From the noble Elezen to the fierce Roegadyn, there are plenty of options for players to create their perfect character. However, there are still many races that are not playable, and players have longed to see them in FFXIV. In this guide, we will explore 10 of the most desired races that players would like to see added to Final Fantasy XIV.



What are the most popular non-playable races in FFXIV?



These mischievous woodland creatures would bring a touch of whimsy to the game. Imagine navigating dense forests and communing with nature as a Sylph adventurer, attuning to the spirits of a forest, and even seeing Grandad himself with their magical abilities and affinity for elemental forces.

FFXIV Sylph Races



These aquatic beings, closely tied to the sea in the primal Leviathan, would provide a truly immersive experience. Imagine exploring the depths of the ocean, encountering underwater marvels and unearthing hidden treasures as a Sahagin adventurer.

FFXIV Sahagin Races



These lovable and eccentric creatures would bring a dose of levity and charm to the game in ways you can possibly never imagine. With their unique appearance and amusing personalities, Namazu adventurers would surely win the hearts of players.

FFXIV Namazu Races



These reptilian mercenaries possess both the brawn and cunning that you would expect from great character design, making them formidable warriors. The Bangaa's distinct appearance and rich lore from various different games would captivate players seeking a more reptilian experience than is currently available.

FFXIV Bangaa Races



These rabbit-like people hailing from the moon have kept the hearts of players everywhere with their charm and whimsical nature, their high-pitched tones and their fantastic storyline. Can you really imagine playing as a Loporrit? It would be incredible!

FFXIV Moogles Races



These industrious inventors and traders would introduce a whole new dimension to the game's crafting and economy. Imagine building intricate contraptions and being a part of the Goblin City as a Goblin adventurer.

FFXIV Goblins Races



These small, mysterious creatures, with their glowing eyes and menacing knives, would bring a new level of darkness to the game. As Tonberry adventurers, players could explore their rich lore and even collect knives to add to their collection.

FFXIV Tonberry Races



These rabbit-like humanoid women with their long ears and graceful movements have been long-awaited by fans of the franchise. Their inclusion in the game would be a dream come true for many players.

FFXIV Viera Races



These iconic creatures have been a part of the Final Fantasy franchise since its inception. Their playful nature and unique appearance would make for a truly fun and unforgettable experience as a Moogle adventurer.

FFXIV Moogles Races



These snake-like beings, with their jewel-like scales and regal appearance, would bring a new level of elegance to the game. As Ananta adventurers, players could explore their rich culture and even ride on their serpent tails!

FFXIV Ananta Races



In conclusion, Final Fantasy XIV has a rich world with many non-playable races that would make incredible playable characters. While this is purely speculative, it's always fun to dream about the possibilities. Who knows, we may see some of these races become playable!

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