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Zero-investment Simple Farming Poe Currency Strategy

In this article, we will showcase an entry-level Path of Exile currency farming strategy that produces consistent returns and can be infinitely run to fuel all of the upgrades for your build. This is a zero-investment Poe currency strategy, meaning there are no scarabs, sextants, or care act math mods. We will be running on jungle valley and beach maps, and if you have two watch stones and can finish a map at six portals or less, then this article is for you.



Zero-investment Simple Farming Poe Currency Strategy


Farming Style

The basis for this strategy revolves around the atlas keystone wandering path, which doubles the effect of all small passives while making notables have no effect.

We will take advantage of the wandering path by pairing it with league mechanics to have high-value small passive points on the tree, such as harvest, delirium, and elder shelters.

With this atlas tree setup, every map we run will have over a 50% chance to contain delirium and harvest.


Atlas Tree

we will take the small passive nodes on the tree for map sustain and connected map drops and pair that with a singular focus, giving us full map sustain so we never have to buy maps.

The main map we want to run for this strategy is jungle valley, due to the way that it interacts with eldritch alters.

Atlas Tree Link:


Mapping strategy

We have three main objectives in every map: 

  • Take the delirium mirror when it appears and go up to five rewards
  • Enter the sacred grove and harvest only tier 3 or higher yellow plants
  • Click every minion option on alters that spawn.


- Delirium Farming

Upon entering a map, if you encounter a mirror of delirium, walk directly through it to begin the encounter.

The goal is to kill as many monsters as fast as possible and fill up the rewards bars at the bottom left of the screen.

As you fill the rewards bars, new rewards will appear at every odd-numbered breakpoint, giving the chance for a delirium orb based on each reward tile.

Once your reward meter in the first column reaches level 5, you'll want to end the encounter by clicking the button on the lower right side of the screen.

The overall goal here is to efficiently maximize the number of delirium orbs we drop while minimizing our time clearing the map.


- Harvest Farming

When we get a map of the sacred grove, the goal is to go in and out as fast as possible, only harvesting yellow seeds that are tier 3 and above.

You can tell when a seed is tier 3 because it has a light blue font color instead of white or if you can't be bothered to read the names, you can also see on the ground that yellow tier 3 seeds have a special glow to them.

Choose the crop that has the most tier 3 seeds, then kill the monsters and move on.

Note that we are completely ignoring all blue and purple harvests for the sake of efficiency.


- Eldritch Altars Farming

Eldritch monsters will spawn periodically, and each time they spawn, an eldritch alter has a chance to appear. When this happens, always pick the minion option, which is the one with the graphic full of little monsters.

The goal here is to stack up as many minion altars as possible as you move through the map, looking for high-value currencies like awakened sextants, chaos orbs, eldritch currencies, and more.

These drops will constitute a large portion of your income.



To demonstrate the effectiveness of this strategy, we will do one rotation of 28 maps. Over these 28 maps, we farmed one exarch invitation, over 7,000 yellow life force, 17 awakened sextants, over 150 eldritch embers of varying levels, 73 raw chaos orbs.

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