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Efficient Currency Farming Strategy for Strand Map in Path of Exile

In this guide, we will explore a currency farming strategy specifically tailored for the Strand Map in Path of Exile. By leveraging the Delirium mechanics and optimizing map modifications, you can maximize your profits and acquire valuable Delirium Orbs. This strategy focuses on efficiency, low investment, and high reward potential. 



Efficient Currency Farming Strategy for Strand Map in Path of Exile


Map Setup and Investment

To begin, you'll need a strong build capable of handling high-tier maps and Delirium encounters. The recommended investment for this strategy is minimal, costing around 4 chaos per map. All you need are four Rusted Scarabs to juice up the map and enhance the rewards.


Atlas Passive Tree Setup

The Atlas Passive Tree plays a crucial role in optimizing this strategy. Here's a breakdown of the key nodes and considerations:

  • Delirium Reward Types: Take the node that grants +1 to the Delirium reward count on map completion. This ensures that you consistently reach eight rewards per map.
  • Adding League Mechanics: Choose Abyss, Breach, Legion, and Delirium Mirror as the only active league mechanics. Blocking all other encounters increases the chances of Delirium Mirrors appearing in your maps.
  • Searing, Exarch, and Harbingers: Consider taking the nodes that provide additional Searing Exarch progress and increase Harbinger encounters. These mechanics contribute to more rewards and help maintain a consistent number of Delirium encounters.
  • Delirium Orbs and More: Nodes granting chances for Delirium modifiers, additional reward types, and increased mirror spawns are highly beneficial. These increase your overall Delirium rewards and offer a variety of Delirium modifiers for more loot.


Atlas Passive Tree


Map Strategy

The primary focus of this strategy is to maximize Delirium rewards. Follow these steps to optimize your map runs:

  • Run the Strand Map: Strand is an ideal choice due to its length and capacity to generate many rewards. You'll be adding various league mechanics to the map, but their drops are secondary to the primary objective.
  • Reach Seven Rewards: Progress through the map, actively engaging with the league mechanics you've added. The goal is to reach a count of seven rewards before encountering the map boss.
  • Defeat the Map Boss: Utilize the notable on the Atlas Passive Tree that grants an additional reward when killing the boss. This brings your reward count to eight, maximizing your Delirium rewards.
  • Delirium Explosion: As the map concludes, the Delirium fog will dissipate, triggering a powerful Delirium explosion. This explosion yields significant loot and forms the backbone of your profit margins.
  • Bonus Drops and Alter Farming: While progressing through the map, you may encounter valuable items, such as Divination Cards, Fractured Mobs, or occasional high-tier drops. These provide additional bonus profits but are not the primary focus of the strategy.


Profits and outcomes

We strategically place Delirium Orbs on our maps to maximize the number of Delirium rewards we receive. To visualize the Atlas passive tree setup, I will provide a link in the description for your reference. Now, let's delve into the profits and outcomes of this strategy.


To calculate the accurate value, we need to double the amount we're getting from our Delirium Orbs. The higher-value orbs are worth more than what was mentioned, and even the lower-value ones are worth at least 15-16 chaos each. The presence of Skittering Delirium Orbs, which can be worth around 40 chaos each, significantly affects the average value. To simplify calculations, let's approximate the average value of Delirium Orbs as 20 chaos each, excluding Skittering Delirium Orbs.


The total cost for the scarabs amounts to 160 chaos and 0.72 divines. With a total profit of 13.25 divines, we can calculate the profit per hour. it was mentioned that the strategy took approximately two hours, even though it could be completed in 1.6 hours. This conservative estimate was made to skew the numbers down for more conservative calculations.


Dividing the total profit of 13.25 divines by 2 hours, we get an approximate profit of 6.75 divines per hour. Keep in mind that this is a low-cost, low-investment strategy that can be easily implemented. The only required investment is buying the scarabs, which can be obtained at a low price, often less than 1 chaos each.


Overall, this strategy is highly profitable and enjoyable to play. It allows you to accumulate a significant amount of divines while keeping the costs relatively low. We encourage you to try out this strategy and see the benefits for yourself.

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