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Poe 3.21 Explode Chest Blade Vortex Elementalist Builds

Welcome to the PoE Currency Farming Build! If you've been fascinated by the explosive power of builds and want to learn how to reach the same level, you've come to the right place. In this guide, we'll delve into the mechanics of an explosive chest Blade Vortex build and discuss the necessary items and gem links to replicate this powerful setup. While some items may be challenging to acquire, you can enhance your PoE experience and unleash devastating destruction upon your foes with determination and effort. 



Poe 3.21 Explode Chest Blade Vortex Elementalist Builds


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Explode Chest and Weapons

The centerpiece of this build is the exploding chest, preferably a sacrificial guard with a +1 to skill gems prefix, which provides a significant bonus. However, if you opt for a bow build, you can forego the exploding chest. In this showcase, we utilize two daggers with +2 to all skill gems and physical spell damage modifiers. The critical aspect is the +2 levels to base damage of Blood Vortex and the explode implicitly. While these items may be rare, you can find alternatives that provide similar benefits with diligent searching and crafting.


Gear Setup

  • Helmet: Gull with Blade Vortex duration enchantment and maximum power charges (optional but highly recommended for increased damage).
  • Amulet: Crystallized Omniscience (optional for resistances and additional damage).
  • Gloves: Crafted using fractured gloves with desired affixes, such as triple-tiered suffixes with "suffixes cannot be changed" and physical damage converted to fire.
  • Boots: Immunity to poison (recommended) or suitable boots for your build that provide useful modifiers.
  • Rings: Two Herald of Ash buff effect rings (critical for build's damage output). Seek rings with buff effect and cursed enemies with elemental weakness modifiers.
  • Flasks: Prolonged Pain (optional) and utility flasks such as Quartz Flask, Silver Flask, and Quicksilver Flask for elemental resistances, movement speed, and utility.


Defensive Belt: Skold's Bridle

The Skold's Bridle belt enhances survivability by increasing your base health pool, providing energy shield, regeneration, elemental resistances, physical damage reduction, and flat damage reduction. This belt also offers approximately 120 omniscience.


Gem Links

- Body Armor:

  • Blade Vortex: Concentrated Effect, Increased Duration Support (mandatory for quality of life), and other damage-boosting support gems.
  • Herald of Ash: Empower, Enhance, and Awakened Increased Area of Effect Support.
  • Immortal Call linked with Cast when Damage Taken and Increased Duration.


- Helmet:

Petrified Blood and Wave of Conviction.


- Weapons:

  • Enhanced Phase Run with Increased Duration (for looting and utility).
  • Rolling Blades with Faster Attacks (for movement and Soul Eater or Headhunter buffs).
  • Portal Gem (convenience).


Passive Tree

The passive tree focuses on maximizing damage and area of effect. Utilize three Voices jewels, prioritizing medium clusters with Assert Dominance and Towering Threat. Non-unique jewels should be corrupted with 5% increased area of effect and other modifiers that benefit your build.


Scaling Damage

The Calamitous Vision's unique jewel is pivotal, granting the Lone Messenger notable, which significantly magnifies the effects of the Herald of Ash. While Elementalists typically choose cold damage, in this showcase, we focus on fire damage, making Elementalist the preferred ascendancy. Elementalists gain damage boosts through Master of Discord, Herald of Ash buffs, and Shaper of Storms. Bastion of Elements adds a defensive layer while providing immunity to reflective damage.



This build showcase has outlined the core mechanics and item requirements for a powerful explode chest Blade Vortex build in Path of Exile. While some items and crafting processes may pose challenges, with determination and effort, you can obtain similar gear and unleash devastating destruction upon your enemies. Experiment, adapt, and enjoy the explosive power of this build as you venture further into the PoE Currency. 

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