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Poe Boss Guide: Speed Framing Divine Orbs by Uber Shaper

In this comprehensive Path of Exile guide, we will explore strategies and techniques to transform Uber Shaper from a challenging encounter into an enjoyable and reliably profitable experience. With data from 220 Uber Shaper runs, We have achieved a steady 13 Poe Divines per hour. Furthermore, We will share the tech and tactics utilized to make these runs highly efficient and fast. Whether you're interested in a complete run breakdown or specific tips and skips, this guide has you covered. 

Poe Boss Guide: Speed Framing Divine Orbs by Uber Shaper


Lightning Warp: A Key Element of Speed

To significantly reduce travel time between bosses and interstitial maps, the lightning warp skill plays a pivotal role. By utilizing a three-link setup consisting of Phantasmal Lightning Warp (with the alt quality of Less Duration), Faster Casting, and Fewer Duration gems, you can minimize the casting time and cover great distances rapidly. This setup, which costs approximately 50 Chaos Orbs, synergizes exceptionally well with high movement and cast speed.


Supporting Skills for Lightning Warp

To further enhance the effectiveness of lightning warp, consider incorporating additional gems. Zealotry provides extra damage, while Haste contributes increased movement and cast speed. The combination of these gems strengthens the Phantasmal Lightning Warp's performance. Moreover, keep in mind that lightning warp has a longer range than other movement skills like Flame Dash or Frostblink, allowing you to access specific areas more easily.


Mastering Skips and Shortcuts

Every map contains skips and shortcuts that can save you precious time. By taking advantage of these shortcuts during your Uber Shaper runs you can significantly optimize your efficiency. The guide provides demonstrations of various skips, showcasing the immense time saved by employing lightning warp in strategic locations. Mastering these shortcuts will greatly contribute to your overall speed and profitability.


Surviving the Ball Phase

During the challenging ball phase, it is crucial to adopt a specific strategy to ensure your survival. By positioning yourself in a corner and minimizing unnecessary movement, you can mitigate the risk of getting hit by Shaper's beam attacks. If any movement becomes necessary, make small adjustments and patiently wait for the balls to pass by. This corner strategy allows you to handle the phase with relative ease and focus on maximizing your damage output.


Maximizing Profitability

Aside from the satisfaction of conquering Uber Shaper, the encounter also presents significant profit opportunities. By keeping track of valuable drops, you can capitalize on lucrative items. Fragments, such as the Orb of Dominance, Dying Sun, and Sublime Visions, contribute to the majority of your profits. Additionally, items like Shaper's Touch, when identified and corrupted with beneficial outcomes, can fetch high prices. Tracking these drops and managing them effectively can greatly increase your overall profitability.


Time Efficiency and Profit Per Run

The key to maximizing profitability in Uber Shaper runs lies in time efficiency. With an average run time of under three minutes and the potential to achieve sub-two-minute runs, you can earn a profit of 0.68 Divine per run. Even if your pace is slower, it remains a worthwhile endeavor. By combining efficient strategies and maintaining a steady pace, you can ensure a continuous stream of profit from each Uber Shaper encounter.



Running Uber Shaper can be transformed from a time-consuming chore into a thrilling and profitable endeavor by implementing the techniques discussed in this guide. Whether you are using a specialist build or a high single-target DPS setup, the principles outlined here can be adapted to suit your playstyle. By mastering lightning warp, taking advantage of skips, surviving the ball phase, and optimizing your loot management, you will be well on your way to turning Uber Shaper into an enjoyable and consistently rewarding boss encounter.

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