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PoE Crafting Guide: Craft powerful Demon Jack Grasping Mail Chest Armor

In this Crafting guide, we'll delve into the process of crafting a Demon Jack Grasping Mail in Path of Exile. This unique chest piece is a sought-after item for Transcendence Farmer Stacker builds due to its valuable modifiers. While crafting this item, I encountered several costly mistakes that I'll share with you. So, let's explore the steps involved in creating this powerful chest armor.

PoE Crafting Guide: Craft powerful Demon Jack Grasping Mail Chest Armor


Obtaining the Base

To begin, you'll need a Grasping Mail base with specific modifiers: increased global defenses and increased evasion rating, with overcapped cold resistance. These bases are rare and expensive, so visiting the trade site like can help you find suitable options. It's recommended to acquire a base with an open prefix since we'll need to craft physical damage taken as elemental later on.


Crafting the Suffixes

Crafting the suffixes on this item is relatively straightforward. Utilize Eldritch Orbs to target the Eater of Worlds influence and roll the desired modifiers. Aim for tier 1 intelligence and tier 2 cold resistance (or any other resistance rolls). Keep in mind that the item's item level restricts the maximum tier for cold resistance. After achieving the desired suffixes, use Divine Orbs to maximize the intelligence roll. Use Harvest to enhance the cold resistance roll until it reaches its maximum potential.


Elevating the Implicits

The next step involves elevating the implicits on the item. First, focus on the Aura Effect implicit and use relevant orbs to elevate it to perfect quality. This process can be expensive, requiring multiple orbs and resources. Repeat this step until you attain the desired implicit.


Mistake 1: Resetting the Implicit

During the elevation process, I made an error by using the wrong orb, inadvertently resetting the progress on the Aura Effect implicit. This mistake led me to repeat the process and prolong the crafting journey.


Mistake 2: Socketing and Using a Tempering Orb

In another misstep, I attempted to obtain white sockets before using the Tempering Orb. Unfortunately, using the Tempering Orb caused all sockets, including the expensive white sockets, to be removed. Learning from this mistake, it's crucial to understand the consequences of using different crafting methods before executing them.


Achieving the Desired Implicit

Continuing with the crafting process, focus on rolling the Eater of Worlds implicit using Exceptional Ickers. The goal is to obtain a high-tier roll for this modifier.


Mistake 3: Choosing the Wrong Influence for Transcendence

Originally, I planned to play as a Juggernaut but later decided to switch to Scion with Transcendence. This change required a prefix craft for physical damage taken as elemental, which meant I had to annul the previously exalted "increased armor and evasion energy shield" roll. After some consideration and testing, I used an Eldritch Null to successfully remove the unwanted prefix.


Completing the Chest

The finalized chest will possess the desired tier 1 intelligence and tier 2 cold resistance modifiers. While the lightning resistance roll may not be ideal, it is not a wasted stat. In the future, you may consider fixing this roll to obtain increased physical damage reduction or higher strength for synergistic effects with the Shaper's Touch gloves.



Crafting the Demon Jack Grasping Mail can be a challenging endeavor, requiring patience, currency, and knowledge of crafting methods. Throughout the process, I encountered costly mistakes, but each one taught me valuable lessons. With this guide, you now have a roadmap to follow when creating your own powerful Transcendence Farmer Stacker build.

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