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What You Need to Know Before Play Diablo 4?

Are you excited to delve into the dark and treacherous world of Diablo 4? Before you embark on your epic journey, there are a few crucial things you should know to maximize your gameplay experience. In this guide, we will discuss seven important aspects of Diablo 4 that will help you understand the game mechanics and make informed decisions.

What You Need to Know Before Play Diablo 4?


Staggered Bosses and Crowd Control

One significant mechanic in Diablo 4 is the staggered state of bosses. Instead of traditional crowd control effects, bosses fill up a stagger bar when affected by crowd control. Once the bar is completely filled, they become staggered, entering a weakened state. During this state, bosses are susceptible to all forms of crowd control, including knockdown, stun, slow, immobilize, chill, taunt, fear, and more. Understanding this mechanic is crucial because certain builds can capitalize on crowd control effects to deal bonus damage. Exploit the staggered state to unleash your most potent abilities and cooldowns.


Status Effects

Diablo 4 introduces various status effects that can impact both players and enemies. While some effects may be familiar from previous Blizzard titles, others are entirely new. Let's explore a few noteworthy status effects:

  • Berserking (Barbarian-specific)
  • Grants increased damage and movement speed for a duration. Seek out ways to extend its duration for a powerful Berserking build.
  • Chilled and Frozen: Chilled reduces movement speed, and repeated applications can freeze enemies, rendering them unable to move or attack. Frozen enemies can be shattered, resulting in instant death.
  • Darkness: Reduces visibility and prevents skill usage while affected. Skills like Unstoppable can still be used to escape this effect.
  • Dazed: Renders you unable to attack or use skills but allows movement. Unstoppable is your way out.
  • Fortified: Reduces damage taken by 10%, but your fortify amount must exceed your current life for it to activate.
  • Immune: Renders you invulnerable to damage and removes/prevents negative effects.
  • Knocked Back: Temporarily immobilizes you until the standing animation finishes.
  • Stealth: Renders the character immune to direct targeting, but any damage received breaks stealth.
  • Vulnerable: Increases damage taken by 20%. Be cautious when engaging enemies while vulnerable.


Combat Text Colors

Pay attention to the colors of the combat text in Diablo 4, as they convey important information. White numbers represent regular attacks, yellow indicates critical strikes, blue signifies overpowering attacks, and orange represents a combination of critical hits and overpowering strikes. Knowing what each color means can help you assess your performance and trigger specific abilities or effects tied to those outcomes.


Bosses, Champions, and Blood Marked Players

In Diablo 4, bosses, champions, and blood marked players are considered elites. Many skills and abilities provide bonuses against elites, making it essential to identify and understand this distinction. If your build relies on elite-focused mechanics, keep in mind that bosses, champions, and blood marked players fall under this category.


Blood Orbs and Maximum Life

When picking up blood orbs, be aware that they heal you for 15% of your maximum life. Increasing your maximum life increases the healing value of each blood orb. If your build relies on blood orbs, investing in maximum life can enhance their effectiveness. Additionally, damage over time effects like poison and bleed do not have random damage variants and cannot critically strike.


Lucky Hit Effects

Skills can trigger lucky hit effects, granting special procs or bonuses. The chance of triggering these effects can be calculated by multiplying the individual chances involved. Keep in mind that lucky hit chances are often lower than they appear, so manage your expectations accordingly.


Higher World Tiers

In higher world tiers, monsters become more formidable. They run faster, shoot faster and more accurate projectiles, have reduced ability cooldowns, and possess stronger and more potent elite affixes. Prepare for greater challenges as you progress through higher world tiers.

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