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PoE 3.21 Voidforge Double Strike Slayer Build

In this article, we will delve into the mechanics and strategies behind a Double Strike build that utilizes the Path of Exile Crucible mod, granting the powerful Soul Eater buff for 20 seconds. This build focuses on combining the flat damage scaling from Voidforge with the benefits of Soul Eater, resulting in a potent offensive playstyle. While it may initially feel slow and sluggish, the build gains momentum as you accumulate souls and unleash devastating attacks. Join us as we explore the intricacies of this unique build.

PoE 3.21 Voidforge Double Strike Slayer Build


Building the Foundation

To ensure a reliable source of Soul Eater, it is crucial to prioritize 100% chance to gain Soul Eater on kill for rare or unique enemies. The helmet modifier that offers 50% chance may be tempting, but the frustrating experience of not gaining souls consistently makes it less viable. By securing a full 100% chance, you can extend the duration of Soul Eater, allowing for sustained high damage output.


Skill Gems and Support Options

While playing this build, you have a couple of options for enhancing your damage and utility. One option is to use the Inspired Learning jewel, which helps steal additional enemy modifiers and grants bonuses to damage and experience gained. Another choice is the Behead Support gem, which can replace Inspired Learning if desired. Behead Support adds single-target damage and decapitation explosions, providing an alternative playstyle.


Evaluating Clear Speed and Survivability

It's important to note that this build may feel slow and lacking in clear speed initially. However, as you gather more souls, the damage output becomes substantial. Movement speed and attack speed improvements are desired for better clear speed, although the base attack speed of the weapon (Voidforge) is already quite high. Additionally, the build incorporates defensive measures such as evasion, Gray Suppression, and Petrified Blood to mitigate damage. Running a Blasphemy setup with Temporal Chains and using Solstice Vigil amulet can also extend the duration of Soul Eater, enhancing survivability and damage potential.


Inflicting Bleeding

Double Strike benefits significantly from inflicting bleeding on enemies, but Word of Force prevents the application of bleeding due to dealing non-elemental damage. However, you can overcome this limitation by weapon swapping to a fast weapon with sufficient accuracy. By utilizing Puncture supported by Increased Duration and Unbound Elements, you can apply bleeding that lasts over 20 seconds. This bleeding enables substantial damage with Double Strike, even without Soul Eater.


Damage Potential

The minimum damage output of this build, without considering shocks or additional souls stolen from enemies, is approximately 3.7 million DPS. However, when you shock an enemy or steal souls, the damage can rise significantly. For example, adding 150 souls during mapping can elevate the DPS to 24 million. The potential for damage is impressive, making this build viable for tackling even tougher enemies, such as guardians and conquerors.


Adapting to Different Situations

While the Sole Ascendancy Gloves provide an option for gaining Soul Eater against unique enemies, this build may not be ideal for the current league. These gloves require consistent hits on unique enemies to maintain Soul Eater, which is challenging due to many enemies having prolonged invulnerable phases. For additional damage, you can replace Solstice Vigil with an amulet that grants elemental damage to attacks or use other damage-focused alternatives.



The Double Strike Soul Eater build with Voidforge offers a unique playstyle that combines powerful flat damage scaling with the Soul Eater buff. Although it may feel clunky initially, the build gains speed and damage as souls accumulate. The ability to inflict bleeding further enhances the damage potential of Double Strike. With careful consideration of support gems, defensive measures, and adaptability to different situations, this build can deliver impressive damage output and tackle challenging encounters.

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