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Poe Notable Passive Skill Vengeant Cascade Guides

Vengeant Cascade is a Notable Passive Skill in Path of Exile and has gained significant attention and discussion within the community. This Notable Passive Skill offers a unique mechanic that can greatly enhance projectile-based attack builds. In this article, we will delve into the details of Vengeant Cascade, its widespread usage, the recent patch changes, and the ongoing debate surrounding its impact on the game.

Poe Notable Passive Skill Vengeant Cascade Guides


Uniqueness and Acquisition

Vengeant Cascade stands out among other Notable Passive Skills as it can only be obtained through anointing it on your amulet or a specific blight unique gear piece. It does not appear on the passive skill tree, making it a sought-after and exclusive choice for players looking to maximize the potential of their projectile-based attack builds.


Increased Popularity and Patch Changes

The recent Crucible League patch notes introduced changes to the returning projectile mechanics, which indirectly affected the functionality of Vengeant Cascade. While the patch notes did not specifically mention Vengeant Cascade, the adjustments simplified the interaction between projectile skills and the return of projectiles, resulting in more consistent behavior. This change has contributed to a surge in the usage of Vengeant Cascade, with approximately 21% of players in the Softcore Trade, Crucible League opting for this Notable Passive Skills.


Mechanic and Interactions

Vengeant Cascade's mechanic states that projectiles return to the player. However, the behavior may differ depending on the specific skill used. In some cases, projectiles may return to their point of origin, such as volcanic fissures or summoned entities, rather than directly back to the player. Certain skills, like Molten Burst, may exhibit slight visual anomalies, where the projectile animation is fired twice when Vengeant Cascade is allocated.


Implications for Projectile Builds

The current implementation of Vengeant Cascade has significantly impacted the viability and power level of projectile-based attack builds. For many abilities, this notable effectively doubles their damage output, making it an almost mandatory choice. This has led to concerns within the community about the lack of build diversity and the necessity of using Vengeant Cascade to remain competitive.


Poison Molten Strike Builds

One notable abuse case of Vengeant Cascade involves poison-based Molten Strike builds utilizing a specific pneumatic dagger, obtainable only from heists. With additional projectiles from support gems like Greater Multiple Projectiles, the interaction between Vengeant Cascade and the poison mechanic allows these builds to stack multiple powerful poisons on enemies. This combination is considered overpowered and highlights the potential imbalance caused by Vengeant Cascade.


Community Feedback and Future Balance

The dominance of Vengeant Cascade raises questions about the overall balance of projectile attack abilities. Some players believe that rather than relying heavily on a single notable, it would be preferable to boost the power level of these skills directly at the gem level. By doing so, the need for a global damage modifier like Vengeant Cascade could be mitigated, allowing for more diverse build options.



Vengeant Cascade has emerged as a game-changing notable in Path of Exile, offering significant power to projectile-based attack builds. While the recent patch changes improved its functionality, concerns have been raised regarding its mandatory usage and its impact on build diversity. The debate surrounding Vengeant Cascade's mechanics and balance remains ongoing, and the community eagerly awaits future updates and adjustments to maintain a healthy and diverse gameplay experience.

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