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Poe 3.21 Ultimate Blaster Ethereal Knives Inquisitor Build

Are you tired of loot lowering your profit prowler in Path of Exile? Look no further! In this guide, We will walk you through an amazing blaster Ethereal Knives build that is surprisingly cheap Poe Currency and effective. It's a fast-paced build focused on speed and fun, perfect for clearing maps and rushing through content. While it may not excel in boss fights, it is still viable for Uber bosses. Join me as we explore the synergies, gear, and budget options for this build.

Poe 3.21 Ultimate Blaster Ethereal Knives Inquisitor Build


Build Overview

This build revolves around the use of Ethereal Knives (EK) and Shield Charge to create a blaster build. The key component is the Light Poacher helmet, which grants Spirit Charges on kill and triggers Spirit Burst, firing projectiles in a circle. By shield charging around, you can blast enemies with 360-degree coverage. It's important to note that Spirit Burst projectiles are slow, so investing in projectile speed is crucial for better clear speed.


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Gear and Synergies

The Light Poacher helmet received significant buffs in the 3.21 Crucible League, making it an essential part of this build. It now provides a 100% chance to gain a Spirit Charge on kill and offers additional physical damage as extra damage of each element per Spirit Charge. To maximize damage, focus on scaling power charges, endurance charges for survivability, and rage regeneration.


For single-target damage, Ethereal Knives is the skill of choice as it synergizes well with Spirit Burst. Both skills are projectiles and benefit from similar damage scaling. Achieving a high critical strike chance is crucial, as the Ascendancy point Inevitable Judgment allows your critical strikes to treat enemies as if they had zero resistances, eliminating the need for resistance modifications.


Investing in passive skill tree clusters with attributes, resistances, and dexterity will help optimize your build. You can also consider using Abyss Jewels to cover resistance and dexterity gaps. The Ascendancy path of an Inquisitor allows you to focus on scaling multiple elements, and taking advantage of the Keystone Corrupted Soul can enhance life regeneration and energy shield sustain.


Budget Options

For those starting out or on a tight budget, there are alternative options available. You can use affordable jewels such as Lethal Pride with Chance to Gain Endurance Charge on Kill or Veiled Minimum Endurance Charge on a ring. Restless Ward body armor provides increased charge duration, making it easier to sustain charges on kill or when hit.


Passive Skill Tree

The provided passive skill tree is designed for a default setup, offering a balance between damage and survivability. However, you can adapt it to suit your needs and investment level. There are different setups available, ranging from a bare minimum setup to high-end setups. Prioritize getting essential jewels and gradually upgrade your gear as you progress.



Pantheon choices can greatly enhance your survivability and overall effectiveness during mapping and challenging encounters. In this guide, we'll focus on Pantheons that address mana sustain, reduced fire damage, stun protection, freeze immunity, and ailment reduction. Let's explore the Pantheon options that will bolster your character's resilience and offensive capabilities.


- Major Pantheon

Soul of Arakaali: This major Pantheon power provides two important benefits. Firstly, it prevents you from running out of mana when encountering acceleration shrines while mapping. This is especially useful for builds that heavily rely on mana. Secondly, it reduces fire damage taken when you have been hit recently, providing additional survivability against fire-based threats.

Soul of the Brine King: This major Pantheon power offers stun protection and reduces the duration of stuns you receive. It helps you maintain control of your character during intense battles, preventing you from being interrupted by stun effects.


- Minor Pantheon

Soul of Ryslatha: This minor Pantheon power grants increased life recovery rate and extends the duration of life recovery effects. It synergizes well with your quicksilver flask, allowing you to regenerate life rapidly and sustain your survivability during intense encounters.

Soul of Garukhan: This minor Pantheon power provides increased evasion rating and chance to evade attacks. It enhances your defense by boosting your evasion, making it more likely for attacks to miss. However, note that this is a flexible slot, as the effectiveness of evasion may be reduced by certain modifiers on rare monsters or boss encounters.



The blaster build in Path of Exile offers a thrilling and fast-paced playstyle, perfect for clearing maps and covering large areas quickly. While it may not excel in boss fights, it remains a viable option for Uber bosses. By utilizing synergies, optimizing gear choices, and adapting the passive skill tree, you can create a powerful and fun build. So gear up, embrace the speed, and unleash your inner blaster in Path of Exile!

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