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PoE Frank Stalker Critical Amulet Crafting Guides

Welcome Guys! In this crafting guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of crafting Synthesized Coral Amulets in Path of Exile. These amulets are valuable for strength-based Stalker builds and can also be sold for a handsome profit, ranging from 15 to 28 Divine Orbs depending on the attributes. Let's dive in and learn how to craft these sought-after items.

PoE Frank Stalker Critical Amulet Crafting Guides


Initial Steps

To begin the crafting process, acquire an Amulet with Tier 1 Synthesis Increased Rarity. The final price of your amulet will depend on its item level, so if you're limited on resources, consider buying an amulet with an item level of 77 or higher. This will ensure you have access to at least one tier of attributes. If you have more Divine Orbs available (around 11-12), aim for an amulet with an item level of 85 or higher to access Tier 1 attributes for all attributes.


Enhancing Attributes

Once you've obtained your amulet, purchase Essences of Rage and apply them until you achieve Tier 2 or Tier 3 for all attributes. Remember that this step is only necessary if the item level is below 85 and lacks Tier 1 attributes. If your amulet meets the criteria of being item level 85 or higher with Tier 1 attributes, proceed to the next step.


Suffixes and Modifiers

For amulets with item level 85 or higher and all attributes present, ensure there is an empty suffix slot. If not, use an Orb of Annulment to remove unwanted mods and repeat this step until you have two suffixes (strength and all attributes). Suffixes cannot be changed through the crafting bench, so perseverance is key.


Harvest Crafting

Enter the Harvest and locate a Tier 3 Grove with the Forge Critical modifier. This will provide you with a guaranteed chance to create a powerful critical modifier on your amulet. In this case, the critical multiplier is recommended as it tends to be in higher demand and easier to sell. If you succeed, proceed to the next step. If not, use an Orb of Fusing or start from the beginning until you obtain the desired critical multiplier.


Welding Prefix

Since suffixes cannot be changed, utilize a Divine Chaos Orb to remove unwanted prefixes. Afterward, use the crafting bench to block the mana mod. If your amulet doesn't have a mana mod, you can skip this step.


Unveiling and Crafting

Visit Jun and unveil your prefixes. Aim for modifiers such as increased area and damage or projectile speed and damage, as they have similar value in the market. Choose one of these two mods, depending on your preference or availability. If you have an empty prefix slot, proceed to craft non-channeling skills minus total mana cost using the crafting bench. If your prefixes are already full, proceed to the next step.


Final Touches

If your prefixes are filled with unwanted mods, use a Locksmith's Secret prophecy to remove them with a 30% chance. This will give you a chance to delete useless mods and potentially create a more valuable amulet.



Congratulations! By following these steps, you should have crafted a Frank Stalker Critical Amulet worthy of attention. Remember, the value of your amulet will range from 15 to 28 Divine Orbs, depending on the critical and attribute tiers achieved. Whether you decide to use it for your Stalker build or sell it for a handsome profit, this guide has equipped you with the knowledge to master amulet crafting in Path of Exile. 

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