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PoE 3.21 Melee Powerful AOE Vengeance Slayer Build

In Path of Exile, vengeance is a powerful Area of Effect (AOE) skill that scales its radius with melee strike range. This unique characteristic makes it an ideal choice for the series' Disfavor, one of the best weapons to use with Vengeance due to its +10 weapon range. However, the synergy doesn't end there. The +30 quality of support gems, particularly the Polarized Divergent quality, provides a significant boost to damage. This guide will explore the intricacies of a Vengeance build, focusing on maximizing its potential for devastating results.

PoE 3.21 Melee Powerful AOE Vengeance Slayer Build



This Build Needs around 30-40 Poe Divines. Crafting in Path of Exile can be a rewarding but unpredictable endeavor.

If you prefer to save time or are uncertain about crafting, you can explore the option of trading with other players.


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Weapon Choice

The centerpiece of this build is the Atziri's Disfavor, a two-handed weapon with a +10 weapon range.

This attribute directly influences the radius of Vengeance, increasing its area of effect and enhancing its effectiveness.


Support Gem Synergies

The quality of support gems plays a crucial role in augmenting Vengeance's power.

Polarized Divergent quality offers a 1% increase in damage per quality at the cost of reduced attack speed.

Since Vengeance is a triggered skill, the attack speed reduction is inconsequential, making it a free 100% damage boost.

Notable mentions include Anomalous Melee Physical Damage, which provides additional strike range, and Anomalous Cast on Critical Strike, granting a 50% increase in damage.


Triggering Vengeance

To utilize Vengeance offensively, you need to trigger it consistently.

Eye of Innocence is a key item in this build, as it inflicts fire damage to yourself whenever you ignite an enemy.

This self-inflicted damage has a chance to trigger Vengeance.

By using a high-crit chance Cyclone setup, you can rapidly inflict ignites on enemies and consistently trigger Vengeance.


Automation with Cast on Damage Taken

Automating utility skills like Assassin's Mark and Blood Rage is essential for optimizing the build.

By using Cast on Damage Taken, you can trigger these skills when hit. Since you're constantly hitting yourself, this setup ensures a steady supply of power and frenzy charges.

Taking the Inexorable node on the passive tree grants endurance charges, further enhancing your defensive capabilities.


Defensive Layers

To bolster your survivability, this build incorporates various defensive layers.

The Pantheon system provides damage reduction against hits taken, which synergizes well with the self-inflicted damage aspect of the build. Additionally, you can benefit from reduced physical damage taken from your body armor, endurance charges for increased armor and elemental resistances, and the Molten Shell skill. High elemental resistances, damage shifting, Fortify, and critical and ailment immunity contribute to a well-rounded defense.


Scaling Damage

With Aziri's Disfavor as your weapon choice, you have two primary options for scaling damage physical and elemental conversion.

This build focuses on elemental conversion, specifically converting all physical damage to cold damage using the Winter Spirit Ascendancy node and compatible gloves.

This setup synergizes exceptionally well with the Heat Shiver notable cluster, which allows you to freeze even the toughest bosses.


Ascendancy and Jewel Choices

Choosing the Slayer Ascendancy offers access to Gladiator's Painforged via Forbidden Jewels, bypassing the need to be a Gladiator.

The Overwhelm and Impact nodes provide additional area of effect and crit chance, respectively.

For jewel choices, a Lethal Pride with beneficial stats like Fizz taken as fire and crit chance, and a Watcher's Eye for crit damage reduction are recommended.

The glove enchantment that triggers additional hits when hit yourself also adds to your offensive potential.


Gear Requirements

Essential gear requirements include gloves with at least 60% physical damage converted to cold damage, boots with ailment avoidance to reach 100%, and a body armor with +2 to all resistances.

Other gear slots should prioritize increased effect for useful auras, such as Infused Channeling.

Unwavering Stance can be an alternative to the expensive Impulse Escape boots, providing Marshall Experience and some additional survivability.


Optional Enhancements

To further optimize your build, consider obtaining specific affixes on your gear.

These include increased accuracy against bosses, blind chance on Abyss Jewels, and increased effect on Large Clusters for brutal infamy.



The Vengeance build offers a unique playstyle that combines self-inflicted damage with devastating counter-attacks. By utilizing Aziri's Disfavor, support gems, and various synergistic mechanics, you can unleash your retributive fury upon your enemies. Remember to fine-tune your gear choices and defensive layers to achieve maximum effectiveness. Embark on this path of vengeance and leave a trail of destruction in your wake.

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