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Path of Exile Efficiently Farming Beasts Strategy Guides

In this guide, we will explore a farming strategy focused on efficiently farming beasts in Path of Exile. This strategy is ideal for characters that excel at speed mapping and are looking to maximize their profits by targeting specific valuable beasts. By following this guide, you can optimize your runs and increase your chances of encountering high-value beasts such as the Craicic Chimeral and the Panama Plate Arachnid.



Path of Exile Efficiently Farming Beasts Strategy Guides


Map Selection

Choose low-tier maps with a fast and efficient layout to minimize the time spent navigating through the map. Maps like Belfry, with its square layout, are recommended for this strategy. The map mods are not a significant concern since the focus is solely on finding valuable beasts.


Identifying Valuable Beasts

When running the maps, your primary objective is to identify the valuable beasts without engaging with other non-essential ones. It may take some time initially to differentiate between similar-looking beasts, but with practice, you'll start recognizing the important ones.

  • Craicic Chimeral: This beast resembles a bright blue frog that hops around and summons its allies. The incoming wave of foes is a clear indicator that you have encountered a Craicic Chimeral.
  • Panama Plate Arachnid: This beast stands out with its bright blue spots on its tail and back. It's a large spider and easily noticeable.


Running the Maps

The key to success in this strategy is to swiftly move through the maps, ignoring non-essential beasts until you encounter the valuable ones. Follow these steps:

  • Enter the map and run past any irrelevant beasts.
  • Look for the red beasts and their surroundings. Crabs or other common creatures around a red beast indicate it's not the valuable one.
  • If you find a valuable beast, quickly eliminate it and continue with your map run.
  • Return to the map's starting point after completing a run to reset and start the process again.


Atlas Setup

To optimize your beast farming, adjust your Atlas setup accordingly. Here are some recommended nodes:

  • Beast Area Nodes: Invest in Big Game Hunter, Mighty Hunter, Natural Selection, and Great Migration to increase the chances of encountering valuable beasts.
  • Beast Duplication: Utilize Beast Duplication Jewels to duplicate captured beasts, potentially doubling your rewards. The combination of Beast Duplication Jewels and the Great Migration node can yield a significant number of beasts in a single map.
  • Additional Content: Adjust your other Atlas strategies based on your preferences. Consider adding Delirium and Harvest to maximize the rewards. Choose maps with layouts suitable for your build.


Map Sustain

Sustaining maps for this farming strategy are relatively straightforward. With low-tier maps like Belfry, it's easy to maintain a sufficient pool. Shaping the Atlas with Shaper's Orbs and using Scarabs can help increase map drop chances. Keep an eye on map sustain to ensure a consistent farming experience.


Beast Trading

Once you capture valuable beasts, you can sell them to other players for profit. Consider selling in bulk, as you might get better rates when listing multiple beasts together. Use the Bestiary Orb to store your captured beasts, and you can later list them on the market for sale.


Estimated Profits

With efficient map runs, this strategy can yield profitable results. On average, you can expect to obtain 2-3 Chaos Orbs worth of valuable beasts per hour, in addition to Poe currency drops from regular mapping. With the Craicic Chimeral's duplication potential, your profits can increase significantly. Depending on your map's clear speed, you might achieve higher returns.



The beast farming strategy outlined in this guide provides a reliable way to accumulate currency and valuable beasts in Path of Exile. By focusing on efficiently running low-tier maps and identifying the correct beasts, you can generate consistent profits. Adapt the strategy to your playstyle and Atlas progression to maximize your farming potential.

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