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PoE 3.21 Fast Movement Spectral Throw Deadeye Build with Unique Mark Mechanics

Are you looking for a fast-moving character that excels in speed and attack? In this guide, we will explore a unique Spectral Throw build that prioritizes speed, evasion, and utilizing the Dead Eye's Mark mechanic. While this build may not be the most optimized or focused on bossing, it offers a thrilling and unique playstyle perfect for fast map clearing to making Poe Currency. Join us as we delve into the details of this build and its intriguing mechanics.

PoE 3.21 Fast Movement Spectral Throw Deadeye Build with Unique Mark Mechanics


Build Overview

  • The focus of this build is to achieve high movement speed and attack speed with Spectral Throw.
  • The character utilizes the Queen of the Forest for evasion and aims for around 35,000 evasion.
  • The weapon of choice is a one-handed weapon with around 1.2k DPS, allowing for quick attacks.
  • The build prioritizes accuracy stacking and uses Storm Rider boots for additional flat lightning damage and accuracy.
  • Trinity is used to convert some physical damage into cold and lightning damage.


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Gameplay and Challenges

  • The build offers exceptional clear speed but can be challenging due to the high movement speed.
  • Aim and targeting enemies can be difficult when moving rapidly.
  • The use of Fire Shot and Point Blank helps optimize damage, requiring positioning between 25 and 35 units radius from the target.
  • The build does not perform well with Crucible modifiers, as it relies on proper positioning for maximum damage output.


Damage and DPS

  • The Spectral Throw projectiles hit multiple times, resulting in an estimated 2 million DPS.
  • This build was not designed for bossing but excels in fast map clearing.


Leveling and Spectral Throw's Potential

  • While leveling, Spectral Throw can provide significant damage with typical leveling items.
  • Even with basic leveling gear, enemies can be quickly eliminated, making the leveling experience enjoyable.


The Dead Eye's Mark Mechanic

  • Dead Eye's Mark nodes transfer the mark to other enemies upon the death of a marked enemy.
  • Manually casting marks on normal enemies is more effective than using Mark on Hit.
  • Mark Mastery and unique gloves such as The Writhing Jar can also trigger this mechanic.
  • Utilizing the Wallace's Mark and Spectral Throw allows for easy rage generation when stunning enemies.
  • Increased Mark Effect modifiers enhance the rage generation, with higher values resulting in more rage obtained.



The fast Spectral Throw build offers an exhilarating playstyle focused on speed and evasion. While it may require extra effort to aim and target enemies, the damage output and overall clear speed make it a thrilling experience. The unique mechanics involving the Dead Eye's Mark nodes add an interesting twist to the build, providing additional rage generation and enhancing gameplay. If you're looking for a fast-paced and unique character, this Spectral Throw build is worth a try.

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