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Path of Exile Farming Poe Currency with Operative Strongboxes Strategy

In Path of Exile, strongboxes are valuable loot containers that can yield significant rewards. Among them, Operative Strongboxes are particularly sought after for their potential riches. In this guide, we will discuss an effective strategy to farm Operative Strongboxes, maximizing your chances of obtaining valuable Poe Currency. By following the steps outlined below, you can enhance your Path of Exile experience and bolster your wealth.



Path of Exile Farming Poe Currency with Operative Strongboxes Strategy


Step 1: Allocate the Atlas Passive Note

To begin your Operative Strongbox farming journey, it is crucial to allocate the Atlas passive note Secret Operations that enables the spawning of Operative Strongboxes. Ensure that you have this note activated in your Atlas skill tree before proceeding.



Step 2: Focus on Operative Strongboxes

To optimize your farming efforts, it is recommended to avoid allocating passive notes that increase the chances of other types of strongboxes, such as Divination Strongboxes, Currency Strongboxes, or Map Strongboxes. By concentrating solely on Operative Strongboxes, you significantly boost their spawn rate.


Step 3: Enhance Strongboxes Quantity and Rarity

To further increase the rewards from Operative Strongboxes, invest in passive notes that enhance the quantity of items contained within Strongboxes and increase their rarity. This will amplify the chances of obtaining valuable items when opening Operative Strongboxes.


Step 4: Corruption and Rarity

Corrupted and rare strongboxes offer better rewards. Aim to obtain corrupted and rare Operative Strongboxes to maximize your potential gains. These enhanced strongboxes can provide significant loot and increase the overall value of your farming runs.


Step 5: Utilize Ambush on the Map Device

By utilizing the Ambush modifier on your map device, you can gain additional strongboxes during your farming runs. This modifier offers four extra strongboxes, providing more opportunities for valuable loot. This modifier can be obtained through Gilded Ambush Scarabs, which can be purchased for approximately eight Chaos Orbs each.


Step 6: Optimizing Your Passive Tree

While the passive tree in Path of Exile offers various options, it is advisable to focus on nodes that enhance your strongbox farming strategy. Consider allocating passive nodes that increase the chances of strongboxes spawning and improve the quantity and rarity of items within them. However, be mindful of your investment and prioritize cost-effective options.


Step 7: Scarabs and Sextants

To further enhance your strongbox farming runs, consider utilizing Scarabs and Sextants. Scarabs can provide additional benefits, while Sextants allow you to modify your maps, potentially increasing the quantity of strongboxes. Choose scarabs and sextants that align with your farming goals and budget.

  • Quantity of StrongBoxes: Allocate the Twice Tempted Atlas passive note to guarantee at least one strong box per map.
  • Ambush Scarabs: Use Gilded Ambush Scarabs in your map device to gain an additional four strong boxes per map. These scarabs can be acquired for approximately eight Chaos Orbs each, making them a cost-effective investment.
  • Altar Nodes and Scarabs: Utilize Altar Nodes on the passive skill tree to increase the chances of strong boxes spawning. Additionally, consider using scarabs such as Cartography Scarabs or Abyss Scarabs to enhance your map runs further.


Step 8: Selecting Maps

For your farming runs, select maps that align with your farming strategy. Defiled Cathedral is a recommended map due to its favorable layout and potential for Operative Strongbox spawns. Adjust the map quantity based on your preferences, but a sample size of 30 maps should provide a good impression of your farming results.


Step 9: Farming Run Execution

Prepare your map with the desired scarabs and modifiers, ensuring you have the Ambush modifier active. Enter the map and focus on clearing areas around strongboxes, utilizing your character's strengths. Open strongboxes as you encounter them, taking advantage of the six percent chance for re-opening. Clear any additional mobs that spawn from re-opened strongboxes for extra experience and potential loot.


Step 10: Evaluating Results

By following this strategy and investing a relatively low amount of currency (around 12 Chaos Orbs per map), you can expect to acquire a substantial number of Operative StrongBoxes. While farming, you may also obtain various scarabs, valuable currency items, unique maps, and potentially valuable divination cards or rare items.



Farming Operative Strongboxes in Path of Exile can be a profitable venture, providing valuable items and Currency. By following the steps outlined in this guide, allocating the necessary passive notes, and optimizing your farming strategy, you can increase your chances of obtaining rare and valuable loot. Remember to adjust and adapt your approach based on the results of your farming runs. 

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