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How Conquering the Voidcast Dais Extreme Trial in FFXIV Patch 6.4?

Congratulations on embarking on the challenging encounter known as the Voidcast Dais Extreme, also known as Golbez Extreme, in Final Fantasy XIV. This guide aims to provide you with a step-by-step walkthrough of the mechanics and strategies required to achieve your first clear of this exhilarating fight. Prepare yourself for an intense battle filled with pairs, spreads, meteors, and various other mechanics that will test your skills to the limit.


How Conquering the Voidcast Dais Extreme Trial in FFXIV Patch 6.4?


Mechanics Overview

The Voidcast Dais Extreme introduces several mechanics that require precise execution and coordination. Here's an overview of some key mechanics you'll encounter during the fight:

  • Pairs and Spreads: The encounter heavily relies on pairs and spreads mechanics. Pay close attention to your assigned positions and ensure effective communication with your team members.
  • Meteors: Meteors pose a significant threat during the fight. Keep an eye out for their patterns, and be prepared to react quickly to avoid damage.
  • Tank Busters: The fight includes tank-specific mechanics that require tanks to handle them appropriately. Coordinate with your co-tank and maintain proper positioning to mitigate damage.
  • Donut and Spread: This mechanic requires the group to split into two and either stack tightly or spread out across the arena. Maintain awareness of your surroundings to avoid unnecessary damage.
  • Raid-Wide Damage: Several instances of raid-wide damage will occur throughout the fight. Ensure your party's survival by coordinating healing and defensive cooldowns.
  • Gale Mechanic: The Gales mechanic introduces various challenges, such as towers, groups, and stack mechanics. Practice positioning and develop muscle memory to navigate these mechanics efficiently.



Here's a breakdown of the strategy to tackle the Voidcast Dais Extreme:


Phase 1:

  • Focus on executing the pairs and spreads mechanics accurately.
  • Meteors will pose a significant threat, so be prepared to adjust your positioning quickly.
  • Tanks should handle tank busters effectively while maintaining proper positioning.


Phase 2:

  • Pay close attention to the doughnut and spread mechanic. Choose the appropriate strategy based on the specific encounter.
  • Coordinate with your group and ensure everyone stays in the hitbox for better visibility of mechanics.
  • Prepare for raid-wide damage and use healing and defensive cooldowns accordingly.


Phase 3:

  • The Gale mechanic becomes more challenging in this phase. Practice the positioning and grouping mechanics to ensure smooth execution.
  • Maintain communication with your team members to coordinate movements effectively.


Phase 4:

  • Be cautious of the ice mechanic during the Gale phase. Practice precise positioning to avoid unnecessary deaths.
  • Maintain focus and adapt quickly to the increasing complexity of mechanics.


Final Phase:

  • Employ all your accumulated knowledge and muscle memory to tackle the remaining mechanics.
  • Coordinate raid-wide healing and defensive abilities to survive the increased damage output.
  • Beware of enrage mechanics and time your attacks accordingly.



The Voidcast Dais Extreme, or Golbez Extreme, is a demanding encounter that will push your skills and coordination to their limits. By mastering the pairs, spreads, meteors, and various other mechanics, you'll increase your chances of achieving your first clear. Remember to communicate effectively with your party members, practice positioning, and adapt quickly to changing situations.

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