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Poe 3.21 Detonate Dead Necromancer Ultimate Simulacrum Destroyer Build

Are you tired of struggling to survive the treacherous waves of Simulacrum? Look no further! In this guide, we will walk you through a powerful Detonate Dead Necromancer poe build that will effortlessly conquer all 30 waves of Simulacrum, even the most challenging modes. This build has been flying under the radar for quite some time, but now it's time to give it a try and unleash its true potential.

Poe 3.21 Detonate Dead Necromancer Ultimate Simulacrum Destroyer Build


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Skill Choice: Detonate Dead

Our primary skill of choice is Detonate Dead. By targeting a corpse, you will cause it to explode, dealing a percentage of its health as fire damage. To maximize our damage output, we will utilize high-life spectres in our corpse pool. In a recent patch, the bonus health on all spectres was capped, allowing us to use any spectre with 360% increased life. The easiest way to acquire a spectre with such high life is to head to Act 10's rooftop, spam Desecrate until you find a Kitava Herald, and use a level 1 Raise Spectre gem. Afterwards, you can unsocket the gem, and the game will remember the spectre you saved in your pool. From now on, every time you cast Desecrate, there will be a chance to summon your Kitava Herald with its impressive life pool.


Why do we need high-life corpses?

It's because we'll be adding ignite to the mix. The higher the base damage of the corpse, the more potent the resulting ignite will be. With Kitava Herald boasting around 187k life, detonating it with Detonate Dead will deal a significant amount of fire damage, nearly 8% of its health. This high base damage becomes even more substantial when we equip the Blackflame unique ring. This ring converts the ignite damage to chaos damage and also provides a beneficial mod: wither does not expire on enemies. This allows us to use Withering Step and easily stack up to 15 wither debuffs on enemies, which translates into a massive damage increase for our build.


Simplified Gameplay: Corpsewalker Unique Boots

Traditionally, Detonate Dead builds require multiple buttons to cast Desecrate and then Detonate Dead. However, with our setup, we will be using the Corpsewalker unique boots, which simplify the process to a single button press for dealing damage. Just walk into a group of enemies, and your boots will automatically spawn corpses. You can then press Detonate Dead, and voila! You can swiftly move on to the next group. This setup ensures maximum smoothness and efficiency.

For added maneuverability and safety in Simulacrum, we recommend using a Quartz Flask to enable phasing, allowing you to walk over enemies. This is crucial because getting stuck in a wrong spot can be fatal.


Defensive Layer: Incandescent Heart and Energy Shield Recovery

To survive all 30 waves of Simulacrum, you must be exceptionally tanky. We achieve this through various means. First and foremost, our energy shield will fluctuate as enemies hit us. This is due to the Aegis Aurora's unique shield, which provides several significant benefits. The most notable is the unique stat that allows us to recover an energy shield equal to 2% of our armor when we block. With over 20k unbuffed armor, each blocked hit will regenerate 400 energy shields. As a result, if a hit is smaller than 400, it will heal us. In Simulacrum, where multiple hits can occur within seconds, this ability becomes a lifesaver. It's essential to strive for a 75% block chance against both attacks and spells to maximize its effectiveness.


To further enhance our defense, we utilize the Glancing Blows keystone, which doubles our block chance at the cost of taking 65% of the blocked damage. However, due to the significant energy shield gain on the block, we barely feel the impact. Combining this with the Chaos Inoculation keystone, which makes us immune to chaos damage, we gain additional damage reduction against all forms of damage. This creates a free damage reduction mechanism for the build.


To counter the various elemental ailments frequently inflicted in Simulacrum, such as ignite, chill, freeze, shock, brittle, sapped, and scorched, we employ the Purity of Elements aura. This single aura grants us immunity to elemental ailments and also provides substantial elemental resistance, making it easier to cap our resistances.


Additionally, our Necromancer ascendancy provides excellent mana and energy shield regeneration. We further boost our regeneration through passive tree investments, resulting in around 900 energy shield regeneration per second. This regeneration is converted from life regeneration through the Zealot's Oath keystone.


Unique Items and Enhancements

Throughout this build, we incorporate several unique items to maximize its potential. Let's take a closer look at them:

  • Aegis Aurora: This shield serves as our primary defensive layer. When we block, it restores energy shield, making it invaluable in sustaining our survivability.
  • Blackflame: This unique ring is our primary source of damage. It converts ignite damage to chaos damage and offers the benefit of wither not expiring on enemies, allowing us to utilize Withering Step to stack up to 15 wither debuffs for significant damage amplification.
  • Incandescent Heart: This unique body armor provides substantial damage and damage reduction. Its elemental damage taken as chaos damage becomes a valuable damage reduction mechanism due to our use of Chaos Inoculation, which makes us immune to chaos damage.
  • Viridi's Veil: This unique helmet grants us immunity to critical strikes, which is particularly useful in Simulacrum where monsters can have high crit chance. Additionally, it offers a unique line: "Damage of enemies hitting you is unlucky." This means the game rolls damage twice and selects the lower value, further reducing the damage we take.
  • Corpsewalker: As previously mentioned, these unique boots simplify our gameplay by automatically spawning corpses as we walk, allowing us to focus on detonating them with Detonate Dead.

Enhancements on these unique items can further improve the build's performance. For example, enhancing Viridi's Veil with Detonate Dead has 45% chance to explode an additional corpse or adding mana reservation enhancements to rings for increased mana pool and smoother ability casting.

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