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OSRS Mastering Bounty Hunter Crater and Maximizing Rewards Guides

Old School Runescape Bounty Hunter is back with a long-awaited update, offering bloodthirsty players the chance to engage in thrilling battles against chosen targets for exclusive rewards. By navigating through the red portal in the Ferox Enclave, you can venture into Damon's Crater, the battlegrounds of Bounty Hunter. This guide will help you navigate the PvP rules, understand the rewards system, and provide tips for maximizing your experience.

OSRS Mastering Bounty Hunter Crater and Maximizing Rewards Guides


Entering Damon's Crater

To enter the Bounty Hunter Crater, you need to add a specific amount of OSRS Gold, which scales based on your combat level. You can enter the crater through any of the doors located in the Ferox Enclave. Once inside, the PvP rules are slightly modified. There is no teleporting, no overhead protection prayers, and no freezing or movement control. For example, if you cast Ice Barrage on an enemy, they will take damage but won't be frozen in place. This creates a dynamic PvP environment reminiscent of classic player killing (PKing) in RuneScape.


Earning Bounty Hunter Reward Points

For each kill in the Bounty Hunter Crater, you will receive two Bounty Hunter reward points. Additionally, you will receive an upgrade to the emblem you are currently holding and bonus points are awarded for achieving large kill streaks, similar to the Slayer system. These reward points can be used to purchase the new Ancient Warrior armor, both corrupted and completed versions. Keep in mind that this powerful gear is currently restricted to the Bounty Hunter Crater only.


Ancient Warrior Armor

The Ancient Warrior armor available in Bounty Hunter Crater introduces powerful gear with unique combat bonuses. It presents an opportunity for new build varieties previously unseen in the game. The armor comes in corrupted and completed versions. However, note that using this gear in the Wilderness or PvP worlds is not permitted.


Offsetting Costs with Blighted Supplies

Engaging in PvP combat can be costly, especially for newer players. Blighted supplies are available as a means to offset the expenses associated with learning and participating in PvP. These supplies can help make PvP more accessible and provide additional benefits. Additionally, you can obtain new ornament kits, allowing you to customize your gear with unique visual enhancements.


Are the Rewards Worth It?

The true value of the rewards from Bounty Hunter Crater is subjective and will vary for each player. While some may find the new armor and variety of builds exciting, others might consider the costs and time investment too steep. It's advisable to carefully consider your goals and evaluate if the rewards align with your gameplay style and preferences. Keep in mind that opinions may change as more players explore the content and share their experiences.



Bounty Hunter Crater offers an exciting and blood-soaked PvP experience for those seeking exclusive rewards. By mastering the rules, accumulating Bounty Hunter reward points, and strategically utilizing the new Ancient Warrior armor, you can elevate your PvP gameplay. While the costs and value of rewards are a matter of personal preference, the variety and unique gameplay opportunities presented by the update make it worth exploring for RuneScape adventurers.

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