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Poe 3.21 Powerful and Tanky CoC Forbidden Rite Critical Occultist Build

Today, We are excited to showcase the Forbidden Rite cast on the critical build that we have been working on for the past few weeks. We want to clarify that this is a showcase and not a build guide. we must mention that this build is quite expensive and may not be attainable for most players. Poe Currency Budget options won't come close to the premium version of this build in terms of power. Now, let's delve into the details and mechanics of this powerful and tanky build.



Poe 3.21 Powerful and Tanky CoC Forbidden Rite Critical Occultist Build


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Power Charges and Damage Stacking

The forbidden right cast on critical build revolves around stacking power charges. With this build, you can accumulate up to 12 power charges, maximizing your critical strike chance and exponentially increasing your damage. By utilizing items like Militant Faith and High Templar Dominus, you can benefit from increased damage per power charge. Additionally, the Occultist ascendancy provides the Forbidden Power, which further boosts damage per power charge on rings and other sources. Aim to acquire as many max power charges as possible to maximize the build's damage potential.


Tankiness and Defense

One of the notable aspects of this build is its impressive Tankiness without compromising damage output. The build utilizes items such as Aegis Aurora and Melding of the Flesh to achieve an 87% maximum elemental resistance cap, along with substantial armor and energy shield. Additionally, a Watcher's Eye with an energy shield gain per enemy hit while affected by Discipline provides further defense and mana reduction. The Crucible tree allows for full elemental ailment immunity with Storm Shroud, ensuring survivability.


Cluster Jewels and Skill Enhancements

To enhance damage and efficiency, the build incorporates large cluster jewels with spell damage and chaos damage modifiers. A Chaos Damage cluster jewel synergizes well with the build's focus on chaos damage. Moreover, a Spell Damage cluster jewel contributes to overall damage amplification. Specifically, the Mage Hunter notable grants increased spell damage and an extra 4% chance to block spell damage, crucial for achieving maximum block chance with Glancing Blows.


Skill Setup and Gems

The build utilizes various skills to optimize its performance. In the helmet, the recommended setup includes Vengeance with Awakened Cast on Critical, Despair, and Hexblast. Hexblast replaces Purifying Flame due to its superior performance in terms of area coverage and curses spreading. The dagger contains Sniper's Mark on Hit and Withering Step, the latter being a crucial damage enhancer. The primary skill, Cyclone, is used in a six-link chest piece along with Concentrated Effect, Awakened Cast on Critical, Anomalous Forbidden Rite, Awakened Void Manipulation, and Power Charge On Critical.


Aura and Utility Skills

For auras, the build utilizes Determination, Clarity, and Purity of Ice. Clarity reduces skill mana cost, enabling sustained casting. The anomalous version of Zealotry enhances the critical strike multiplier, while Purity of Ice provides maximum resistances. The gloves contain Awakened Discipline, which offers energy shield sustain and enables a Val Discipline flask effect. The boots feature Defiance Banner with Awakened Increased Duration, offering additional armor and damage reduction.


Unique Items and Upgrades

The build makes use of unique items to further enhance its performance. The dagger used is a double-influenced, double-corrupted Imperial Skean with specific affixes tailored for this build. Aegis Aurora provides defensive benefits, while a specialized helmet grants additional chaos resistance, max power charges, and awakened slam bonuses. A Skin of the Loyal is recommended as the chest piece, and other items are optimized based on desired affixes and modifiers.

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