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ESO Stealth Detection Potions: Huge Changes | Necrom Update

In ESO Necrom Latest Update, players have discovered a significant change to stealth detection potions that affect their effectiveness in PvP encounters. These potions are commonly used to counter stealthy night blade gankers and other invisible foes. However, the alteration made to these potions needed to be clearly communicated in the patch notes, leading to confusion and numerous inquiries. In this guide, we will delve into the details of the changes and provide an overview of the new stealth detection mechanics.


ESO Stealth Detection Potions: Huge Changes | Necrom Update


The Changes

During the testing phase on the public test server (PTS), it was revealed that detection potions would have an extended range of 100 meters, lasting for approximately 15 to 16 seconds. This alteration should have been mentioned in the patch notes, leading to player concerns and speculation. However, in the final week of the PTS cycle (week five), the developers addressed the issue, stating that the detection potions would actually have a reduced range of 43.5 meters. According to the developers, this adjustment was made to maintain similar power experiences and detection sizes as before while also considering the changes to invisibility mechanics in the game.


Testing and Analysis

To better understand the impact of these changes, tests were conducted using a friend playing as a night blade in stealth. The aim was to determine the exact detection range and the visual representation of the area affected by the new potions. The results were visually presented, showcasing different scenarios and providing a clearer understanding of the changes.


The Test Results

Using a diagram with various lines, the test results demonstrated the range of different abilities and passives. The yellow line represents the range of minor passives, such as minor sorcery, minor brutality, and minor prophecy, which have a 30-meter range. The orange line indicated skills with a 28-meter range, while the red line represented the new detection range of 43.5 meters. Additionally, the green line showed the range for players who invested ESO points into the "Out of Sight" passive, reducing the stealth detection radius by three meters.


Regarding the medium armour passive that supposedly reduces the stealth detection radius by 5% for each piece worn, the test results were inconclusive. The pink line, which should have shown the reduced detection radius when wearing seven pieces of medium armour, did not significantly differ from the green line. This discrepancy suggested a potential issue with the passive or the calculation formula used.


Implications and Thoughts

The increased range of the stealth detection potions has sparked discussions among players, with varying opinions on the changes. Some believe that the alteration is necessary to counter gankers and stealthy playstyles, especially those reliant on speed. However, others argue that the changes might negatively impact entire playstyles and prefer a focus on adjusting specific skills or passives instead.



The adjustments made to stealth detection potions in The Elder Scrolls Online - Necrom update has generated mixed reactions among players. The reduced range of 43.5 meters, compared to the initially tested 100-meter range, aims to balance the power of detection potions and maintain a similar gameplay experience. However, concerns still need to be made about the effectiveness of certain passives and skills in countering stealthy opponents. The impact of these changes on the overall PvP landscape and playstyles will become apparent once the update goes live.

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