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Poe 3.21 Clear Lightning Arrow DeadEye High-damage Elemental Bow Build

In this article, we'll be showcasing a Lightning Arrow DeadEye build that fits within a mid-budget of 20 POE divines. Lightning Arrow has become one of the premier bow skills due to its superior mechanics for Clear and Shock delivery. With the recent buffs to bow builds, lightning Arrow has only improved and is currently the most-played skill in the 3.21 Crucible League.


Poe 3.21 Clear Lightning Arrow DeadEye High-damage Elemental Bow Build


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To Create this build, we'll be piecing together a standard gear set that emphasizes investing a bit more into life regeneration for maximum berserk uptime. The most expensive item in this build will be the bow. We recommend using a spine bow for its high base crit chance and aiming for one that has at least 1,000 combined Elemental DPS. With the addition of weapon Crucible trees, acquiring a high-damage Elemental bow is now easier than ever.


After acquiring the bow, we'll proceed to purchase a few other high-priced items, such as a six-link Hyrri's Ire, Lioneye's Fall, and a Thread of Hope. Once these main pieces are secured, the rest of our gear will focus on rounding out our damage, life regeneration, and resistance. When purchasing gear, make sure to avoid corrupted pieces as you'll lose the bonuses from the helmet, Voll's Vision.


For this character, we'll be using two separate six links: one for lightning Arrow to handle general clear and another for a barrage set up to deal with single-target damage. While we decided to purchase some gems for convenience, this cost is optional, and you can level the gems yourself to save Poe Currency.


When searching for rare gear, prioritize flexibility in resistance options, as you can switch the resistances to match your needs later on. Use Harvest crafts to complete your boots, aiming for increased life regeneration rate and action speed for the implicit.


Since this build doesn't have a source of intimidate yet, we purchased a Timeless Jewel that provides a 10% chance to intimidate on hit. Using the fine Timeless Jewel feature in Path of Building, the total cost of this project, based on current market prices, was just under 11.5 divines, which is considerably lower than the allocated budget limit.


With some currency left over, you can potentially invest in more expensive items in the future, such as a good Watcher's Eye, some cluster Jewels, or save towards crystallized omniscience, which unlocks the highest damage potential for this build.


For ascendancy, we'll take the standard crit-based bow tree, pathing up through Far Shot. This build leverages unique and expensive jewels to provide powerful effects, so make sure they are socketed in the correct jewel slots to maximize their benefits. Additionally, allocate 12 points towards masteries, each providing a substantial power boost that you'll notice while playing.


Now let's discuss one of the major components of the build—the Calm Spirit gloves. These gloves convert all of our life regeneration into rage regeneration. Our target is to reach 10 rage regeneration per second, which equates to 1,000 life regeneration. Our helmet provides 400 life regen, a ring provides 300, and Vitality linked with Arrogance Support provides upwards of 250. Pairing all of this with the increased life recovery rate implicit on our boots puts us over 1,000 life regen per second.


Keep in mind that linking Vitality to Arrogance Support will reserve a portion of your maximum life. You can monitor your rage meter above your Mana pool, with a default maximum of 50. Now that we have a consistent supply of rage, we can use the powerful buff, Berserk, which provides increased attack speed, damage, and movement speed.


Your rage meter will slowly drain over time while Berserk is active until it's depleted. Once depleted, Berserk goes on a 5-second cooldown. During this cooldown, we regenerate 10 rages per second, ensuring that we have the full 50 rages when Berserk is ready for use again. With this amount of regeneration, we'll have a constant rotation of about 15 seconds of uptime on Berserk and a 5-second cooldown.


Another valuable synergy with these gloves comes from the Recovery Mastery, which also converts our life regen into a burst of life recovery every 4 seconds. With this setup, our character will recover 10,000 HP every 4 seconds, bringing us back to full health and helping us deal with degeneration effects encountered while mapping.


The playstyle of this build is straightforward. Run around at high speed and shoot lightning Arrows at anything that moves. For tougher enemies, switch to your single-target barrage setup.

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