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PoE Crafting Guide: Craft a highly sought-after Aegis Aurora Shield

In this Crafting guide, we will delve into the process of crafting a highly sought-after shield for resistance armor stackers Aegis Aurora in Path of Exile. This shield boasts impressive features, including physical hit damage converted to lightning and chaos, increased cold resistance, the Grace Aura effect, and the Purity of Ice Aura effect. While the shield lacks the commonly desired plus four or plus three maximum cold resist, we will explore why it is not essential for standard gameplay. We will also provide tips and insights gained from crafting this shield through a series of double corruptions and Crucible forging.



Acquiring Aegis Auroras

To embark on our crafting journey, we began by acquiring a substantial number of Aegis Auroras. Buying them individually proved to be a tedious task, as sellers rarely offer them in bulk. Initially, we purchased Aegis Auroras without any Crucible tree, gradually shifting to acquiring ones with pre-added Crucible trees. This strategic approach aimed to leverage the Crucible nodes to obtain desirable outcomes and potentially make Poe Currency trades.


Scouring and Corrupting the Shields

The first step in the forging process involved scouring off all the Crucible nodes from the shields. By doing so, we ensured that no nodes were allocated upon combining the shields in Crucible later. It is important to note that corrupted items cannot have their nodes scoured; they can only be removed by forging the item repeatedly, which results in losing XP.


Next, we ventured into the Temple of Atzoatl to corrupt the shields. Acquiring Vault temples in bulk from trading channels facilitated the process. With over 350 double corruptions attempted, our persistence paid off as we achieved the desired outcome: a shield with perfect corruption.


Divining the Shield

Once the shield with the desired corruption was obtained, we proceeded to divine it using The Crucible. The modifiers are randomized Crucible node acts similarly to a Divine orb, allowing us to redefine the values of both the implicit and explicit. Through multiple attempts, we divined until we achieved the desired physical-to-chaos and physical-to-lightning conversion, a process that required patience and a surplus of Aetheric Fossils.


Forging the Crucible Tree

PoE Crafting Guide: Craft a highly sought-after Aegis Aurora Shield

Before commencing the Crucible tree crafting, we recommend performing the Primordial Remnant process at least once to attain 30 quality on the item. This step ensures that the forged item possesses the maximum quality. It is essential to perform this step at the beginning of the process to avoid potentially destroying the tree later.


We then proceeded to forge the Crucible tree, starting with node one, which grants a 50% increased implicit modifier magnitude. By ensuring that no points were allocated to the donor item, we successfully added this node, resulting in an upgrade to the physical damage taken modifier.


Node two, which provides increased maximum cold resistance, proved more challenging to add. Despite attempts to transfer the plus four cold resistance, we were unsuccessful. The scarcity and high cost of the plus four cold resistance nodes on the trade market limited our ability to obtain this desired state.


Node three, enhancing the Grace Aura effect, and node four, boosting the Purity of Ice Aura effect, were added successfully through the Crucible forging process. Careful attention to unallocated points in the donor item and ensuring that the nodes we wanted to keep were allocated on the base item facilitated this process.



Through dedication, patience, and a significant investment of time and resources, we crafted the ultimate resistance armor stacker shield in Path of Exile. The shield's impressive features, including damage conversion, increased cold resistance, and powerful aura effects, make it a highly desirable item. While the process of crafting corrupted items in The Crucible can be challenging,

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