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POE Ventor's Gamble Gold Ring Vendor recipes and Rewords Guides

In this guide, we'll delve into exciting 99 Venture's Gamble, where he embarked on an item identification journey with his trusted partner, Booty Blaster. This thrilling adventure resulted in numerous unidentified items with the goal of obtaining valuable and powerful gear. Join us as we explore the outcomes and evaluate the potential worth of these items.

POE Ventor


Note: The guide will focus on the general process and outcomes of the Vendor recipes Trade, rather than specific item details or prices.


Setting the Stage:

99 Ventures Gamble with the intention of identifying as many items as possible in search of valuable gear. We meticulously recorded the stats of each item and assessed their potential based on various attributes such as life, resistance, rarity, and modifiers.


Key Rewards:

Throughout the Vendor recipes Trade, Wong Vader and Booty Blaster identified a multitude of items. Here are the noteworthy discoveries they made:


- Item 1: Decent Life and Resistance (9% Life with Good Resistance)

Though the rarity was subpar, this item exhibited a promising 9% life increase and respectable resistance stats.

Assessment: Potentially Divine, considering the overall attributes.


- Item 2: Mediocre Resistance with Lightning Resilience

This item showcased a 9% life increase and impressive lightning resistance, but the remaining resistance stats were average.

Assessment: Could be Divine, considering the lightning resistance.


- Item 3: Substantial Life Increase with Budget Resistance

Despite the average 9% life increase, this item boasted high lightning resistance. However, the remaining resistance stats were relatively low.

Assessment: Might be Divine or require further evaluation.


- Item 4: High Life Rolls with Room for Improvement

This item exhibited significant life rolls, making it a potential candidate for multiple Divine Orbs. However, the fire resistance stat was slightly lacking.

Assessment: Likely Divine, with potential for improvement.


- Item 5: Impressive Fire and Lightning Resistance

While the life stat wasn't exceptional, this item displayed remarkable fire and lightning resistance. The rarity was also above average.

Assessment: Valuable, potentially Divine.


- Item 6: Noteworthy Resistances with a Slight Rarity Shortfall

With decent resistance stats and a 9% increase in Rarity, this item showcased promising attributes, albeit falling slightly short on rarity.

Assessment: A good item with potential for further evaluation.



As the gamble progressed, Wong Vader and Booty Blaster encountered several noteworthy items. Here's a summary of the overall assessment:


Top-Tier Rewards:

Two items stood out with exceptional attributes, such as high resistance, life rolls, and increased rarity. These items could potentially be worth multiple Divine Orbs.


Promising Rewards:

Several items displayed commendable resistance and life stats, making them potential candidates for Divine Orbs or further evaluation.


Average Rewards:

Some items possessed decent attributes but lacked the exceptional qualities seen in the top-tier and promising finds.



Ventures Gamble was a thrilling and rewarding experience, unearthing numerous valuable items. From high resistance and life stats to increased rarity, their journey showcased the potential for powerful gear in Path of Exile.

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